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Mailing List
Name: Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade
Date(s): founded March 12, 1993
Moderators/List Maintainers: Maria Rightley and Jennifer Bedford, assisted by Kellie Matthews-Simmons
Founder(s): Maria Rightley and Jennifer Bedford
Type: private mailing list
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG and all things Patrick Stewart
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Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade was for the Star Trek: TNG character Jean-Luc Picard and all things Patrick Stewart.

It was the second Estrogen Brigade created, and was a private mailing list. The first Estrogen Brigade was Siddig El Faddil Estrogen Brigade, formed just eight days earlier.

Its Introduction

Introduction and Explanation -- With the advent of SEFEB, the Siddig El Faddil Estrogen Brigade, the specialty fan clubs (especially ones which involve lust for specific cast members) were born. While Siddig is a man worthy of admiration, there are those of us who feel that another Star Trek universe personality is also deserving of lust -- none other than Patrick Stewart. Thus, we cofounders want to introduce a similar club -> PSEB, the Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade.

We want to make this organization an orderly one, however, so anyone who wishes to join will have to fill out the 'Official PSEB Application' following this introduction. This application is mainly so that we can get an idea of how people people feel about various things involving The Great Bald One (TGBO).

As to what we will do with the group, that will depend on the people involved, but we are hoping to establish a group where discussion of anything and everything about TGBO is not only allowed but encouraged, including stories about him, his con appearances, other work he's done/is doing, and what we think of his part in the current (and past) TNG episodes.

If any of this sounds interesting, simply fill out the application and return to either of us: Maria Rightley and Jennifer Bedford. [1]

The Application

The application for membership was due October 8, 1993.


0. Name?

1. Preferred e-mail address for any correspondence?

2. Gender Identification?

3. Who is your favorite character on ST:TNG?

4. Why/how do you find PS/JLP attractive?

5. Any particular feature of his you're especially fond of? ;-)

6. What's your favorite episode with PS in it, and why?

7. How do you like your Earl Grey? ;-)

8. Have you read any of the stories available on the net featuring JLP, namely:

a. "Points of View"
b. the 'Bedsheet' Stories
c. other fan fiction on alt.startrek.creative ("a la Q", "Silence", etc.)?

9. If yes to any of 8., what was/is your favorite among all of them and why?

10. Have you ever written or would you like to write any stories like these? If so, would you be willing to share those stories with other PSEB members?

11. Are you a member of SFLAE/BS? (It's not a requirement!)

12. Are you just interested in having another club name to put in your .sig, or are you interested in participating in an 'email club' which searches out/shares/discusses anything and everything about TGBO (The Great Bald One)? You're answer will not affect your application status, we are just interested in your interests.

13. If you had a job title on the JLP Ship of Loooooove, what would it be? {'The Loooove Ship, exciting and newww, beeeeam aboard, Picard's expecting youuuuu!}

Sorry, but the following are already taken (co-founders' privilege):
1st officer (1st & 2nd shift - sorry, there are only 2 shifts!)
captain's body guard (Jenny)
captain's masseuse (Maria)

Dueling Captains!

In 1994, fans were duking it out, some more seriously than others, regarding whether Kirk or Picard was the "better" captain.


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