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Name: elynross, one of the three authors in The Krell
Alias(es): elyn
Type: Writer, convention organizer, beta, Yuletide challenge organizer, zine editor
Fandoms: Highlander
Communities: Vividcon, Yuletide,
URL: The Principality of Whimsy[1]; Livejournal
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elynross co-modded ROG-L with Rachael Sabotini and Merryish from 1999-2002 and she has co-modded Yuletide since 2005, first with tzikeh and then with astolat.[1]

Elynross also won a 2003 Screwz Award award for the publishing the zine Futures Without End IV, along with Melina Clark, and Maygra. In the same year, she won a Screwz award for Best Story for the fic Whistling in the Dark, which was also published in Futures Without End IV.


Essays & Meta


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