Futures Without End

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Title: Futures Without End
Publisher: the agent in the UK was S.A.S.T. Press
Editor(s): Maygra de Rhema, Melina, elynross (editors); Killa (principal artist)
Date(s): 1998-2001
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Highlander
External Links: Futures Without End (now offline, only the front page has been archived)
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Futures Without End is a Duncan/Methos slash zine. The web edition is hosted by Mediafans.org.


At Escapade in 1998, Maygra de Rhema and Melina were disappointed by the lack of Highlander zines, particularly Duncan/Methos zines. With a rather stunning lack of knowledge about just what they were getting into, they decided to remedy this by starting a Duncan/Methos zine.

As Issue I began to take form, elynross stepped into help with the editing and was involved with both story selection and editing thereafter. Megan Kent, an experienced zine publisher, offered the newbie editors invaluable advice about logistics.


Links to .html versions of the stories, where available, are below. Note, however, that as of 2013 many of these pages are offline and may not be archived.

Issue 1

cover of Futures I

Futures Without End 1 debuted at DragonCon in September 1998 and contains 176 pages. The artwork was by Eng.

Issue 1 is available in .pdf format at the FWE web site.

Table of Contents:

Issue 2

Futures Without End 2 debuted at Escapade in February 1999. The cover and interior artwork was by Killa. It contains 200 pages.

The stories in Issue 2 are available in .html format at the FWE web site.

The cover of Futures Without End II, art by Killa
cover showing binding

Table of Contents:

Original Poetry by devo and Carson Kearns.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[A Roof Against The Rain]: Tiffanie's "A Roof Against The Rain", at first published in "Futures without End II". This is a sequel to her story "The Stonecutters", what is a First Time D/M slash story. "Roof Against The rain" deals with the morning... er... afternoon after, and is great because it is anything but sweet pillow talk, but deals quite realistically with two men who don't know if the night before has blown their friendship to hell and are not ready to speak (or even *think*) about love yet.... For a slash story concentrating on relationship, this one is really great. [1]
[zine]: At the end of 1998 I was lamenting how few really excellent slash stories were available. Well, the situation has turned around in 1999. More than half my slash top ten were fics that I read during the past year both on the net and in fanzines. The most noteable fanzine was Futures Without End 2. The zine is now out of print and all the stories that appeared in that zine have been posted. There are stories by Devo and Rac that appeared in this zine which I particularly recommend. [2]

Issue 3

Futures Without End 3 debuted at Escapade in February, 2000. The artwork was by Killa. It contains 281 pages.

The stories in Issue 3 are available in .html format at the FWE web site.

The cover of Futures Without End III, art by Killa

Table of Contents:

Issue 4

Futures Without End 4 debuted at Escapade in February, 2001. The artwork was by Killa and x.

The stories in Issue 4 are available in .html format at the FWE web site.

The cover of Futures Without End IV, art by Killa

Table of Contents:

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

See reactions and reviews for The Snow Queen.
See reactions and reviews for Conjugal Visits.
See reactions and reviews for Concurrence.

i have never read a story by 'chelle that i did not absolutely love for the truth of the characters and the reality of the sexual situations. not just that the two immortals think about sex All The Time (well, if i didn't have to go to work or worry about feeding the dogs and cleaning out the pen or the kitty litter...see i digress, that is what a normal human would do) and could return shall i say readiness at the drop of the rain, i might have sex all day too. (we had a discussion re: misconceptions on another site re: pregnancy and some of my listsibs and i agreed that we could not get enough sex in the early part of our pregnancies before we got a little tummy-round.)

and every other story in fwe4 is so well-written. i just wanted to say that i took some cold medication (fighting the sniffles) last night, went to bed w/my copy, and was surprised that some of the stories seemed so bleak to me.

T had mentioned taselby's "conjugal visits" and i went to that one first. it again is well-written, well-thought out, realistic, truthful, so many good adjectives, but it was so sad. i began to cry at the end (like duncan) and my husband said, hey, i thought you liked this stuff. and i said it was just so bleak. believable but bleak. i then read 'chelle/kamil's story, and they wrote happy sex and i laughed and my husband said that's it. the light is out, elvis is leaving the building. so i went to bed.

i have not yet finished the whole magazine. again, i want to say the quality of the work is unarguably terrific and first-rate. the illos are wonderful. should i wait 'til my cold goes away, i am not medicated, and then re- read the WHOLE thing at one sitting? [3]
[zine]: yes, The Snow Queen is an amazing story. i wish i had dream-interpretation background so i could know what things symbolize in the dreamworld. i thought there would be more horton (but there wasn't); i wondered where joe was (not in the story at all); i liked duncan's perception that methos wanted duncan to be the "bad-guy" in his story. this sort of a "dream-story" draws me into it again and again; i've already read it three times!

btw, T. i read Conjugal Visits first thing because you mentioned it, but i had taken some of my heavy-duty super-duper cough syrup AND some cold meds, and i just got into a crying jag (like duncan at the end of the story) and my husband said, "This is supposed to be enjoyable. No more slashzine for you!" and took it away. taselby did that to me w/her two dead-duncan stories too (there is a little too much alliteration there, neh?). so i feared that skimming the zine while i was so "downed" made me think everything was a downer. i am so glad i woke up on saturday and the sun was shining and i reread Concurrences. i felt down when i read it the first time, but enjoyed it immensely the second. i know what you mean about the tangled tongue syndrome right after the magic penis effect. but what the hey, somebody has to write slash so that i can read it. i liked the bit being from duncan's POV in the shop; i liked the change of scene from joe's and the barge. and the dialogue was just fine in the sunshine in my eyes.

how about ellynross's story? that was such a terrific setup imo. or did you find the sex "without ze sizzle" too? ok, everybody whoever had almost-sex in an elevator, raise your hands. everybody who did you don't have to; i loved the armenian lady and her Maine Coon in his harness.

oh boy, i am a-laughin' again. [4]


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