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Title: Concurrence
Author(s): chelle and Kamil
Date(s): 2001
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): Highlander
External Links: Concurrence on Chelle's Nightstand (Futures Without End issue IV web edition)

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Concurrence is a Duncan/Methos story by chelle and Kamil. It's part three of the Toeing the Line series.[1]

It was published in Futures Without End #4 and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

They certainly get points for breaking the fanon convention of having Duncan mooning over Methos in the barge. In fact the whole pre-sex scene was very good. However, although the sex was hot, I found it, um ... stereotyped? Here's Duncan wondering if they can have a relationship, not just hot sex, but somehow, because it's so amazing and life alteringly tender, he figures it will be all right? I must be sleeping with the wrong people - sex is sex. Relationships are built on more, and sex certainly doesn't deal with the fears Duncan was musing on in the book store. Sex as total redemption works less and less for me, I'm afraid.

Actually, [the hot sex] is exactly why this story was somewhat of a disappointment (you have to realise that *every* story in this zine is well worth the reader's time, I'm being a nitpicker here.). Normally their stuff *is* sharp - but while reading this one, all I could feel is how very nearly funny and clever it was, and how actually it never really lifted its game above merely readable. I kept wishing that Heleninhell wrote Highlander fiction (I can't think of anyone in HL fandom as sharp as her, maybe Suze in her less indulgent stories, but no one consistently funny and cutting as she can be). There's a few irritations- Methos is Duncan's lover after half a fuck, somehow Methos' cock is so amazing and earth shattering to have inside him and that in itself made for an incredible experience, and yet I couldn't really see what all the fuss was about, and the tangling tongues is fast becoming a pet hate of mine.

The last bit of dialogue didn't ring entirely true to me either - there was no distinctiveness in the voices, and when you consider what utterly different speech patterns Mac and Methos have, that's not good.

In short, the story started better than it finished, it's still a great read, but it raised expectations in me and failed to fulfil them.[2]