Breathing Sorrows

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Title: Breathing Sorrows
Author(s): Rachael Sabotini and Megan Kent
Date(s): 1998
Length: 31,894 words
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): Highlander
External Links: Breathing Sorrows (AO3)
Breathing Sorrows, Part 2 (Rachael Sabotini's House O'Fanfic)
Breathing Sorrows (Angst Archive)

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Breathing Sorrows is a Duncan/Methos slash story by Rachael Sabotini and Megan Kent.

Summary: Duncan vanishes. This story originally appeared in Futures Without End #1. It also won a slash talent in fandom award in 1998.

Recs and Reviews

On the brutal side ## HL: The rape is a small part of the abuse Duncan receives, as he find out just how much he’ll take to protect Adam’s secret in Breathing Sorrows by Rachael Sabotini and Megan Kent.[1]

The story was listed as a hurt/comfort slash story at rosa's hurt-comfort stories link collection with the quote:

The barest of touches along Mac's face brought a flicker of pain to Duncan's eyes, and Methos pulled his hand away, unsure of MacLeod's reaction. The torture may not have killed MacLeod, but there was no reason to believe that he was still sane.[2]

I got hold of this before it was re-edited for FWE I. IT lost nothing in the process (well, maybe a tiny thing but they more than made up for it.) You haven't read hurt/comfort until you have read this. God, I love this story![3]


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