Loch Ness

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Name: Loch Ness
Alias(es): InverNessie
Fandoms: The X-Files
URL: Wayback link to website; more links
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Loch Ness was an early X-Files writer.

Ran an Archive

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Fan Comments

Our next holiday favorite is actually a companion piece of sorts to some stories I recommended a while back, both parts of "The Five." In "Tin Foil," Mulder and Scully spend their Christmas in a witness protection program of sorts while the men behind the project are brought to justice. They are forced to make do for the holidays just to get by and, as a special bonus, the story features a Mulder at his most un-PUNKish. Enjoy. A wonderful little tale. [1]


  1. from News for the OBSSEsed #21 (December 1998)