Always the Bridesmaid

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Title: Always the Bridesmaid
Author(s): elynross
Date(s): 03 August 2000
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
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Always the Bridesmaid is a Duncan/OFC/Fitz, Duncan/Fitz Highlander story by elynross.

Summary: Thwarted in his pursuit of the beauteous Angelina by the villein Robert de Valicourt, Hugh Fitzcairn must find other ways to entertain himself, with the help of his good friend and rival, Duncan MacLeod. However, more may be in danger than simply Duncan's virtue....

Reactions and Reviews

There are sadly very few fics with Fitz as a central character, so when I do run across one it tends to stick with me. Written from Fiz's POV, it's partly an introspective character study on Fitz's feelings for Duncan. It incorporates my own head-canon for Fitz, which is that he is attracted to beauty in all it's forms and not just to women. Although there's still plenty of wine and women and Fitz's mischievous nature is in full evidence. The events of the story see the relationship between Duncan and Fitz change drastically, whileat the same time it seems nothing has changed at all. By the end, your heart breaks a little for Fitz, however it's not a sad ending, just sort of wistful.[1]
Duncan/Fitz. I must admit the pairing had me skeptical(though I shouldn't have been it is elyn after all). I loved it, and I cried. rec: November 2000[2]


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