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Name: Duncan Methos Slash Ring
Date Founded: 12 July 1998[1]
Fandom: Highlander
Focus: Duncan/Methos
URL: Duncan Methos Slash Ring Homepage (Wayback)
http://www.slashcity.com/dmring/ring.htm (defunct)
DM webring banner.png

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Duncan Methos Slash Ring is a webring for Duncan/Methos slash sites. The official webring logo was designed by Eng and contributed by Maygra.[2] Ringmaster was kamil621.[1]

Member Sites

  • Alexandra's Highlander Fling - author page (HL)
  • Angelise's Heavenly Bodies - "Welcome to a little piece of slash heaven. Here you will find selections from fandoms such as The Sentinel, Due South, CSI, Diagnosis Murder, Highlander plus so very much more. Get comfy in your favorite snuggle place and let's go explore my imagination."
  • Ascendk's Warehouse - author page (HL)
  • Bog's Dreamscape - author page (D/M, J/D, M/K, C/P). "The home of my Legacy of Warriors series and the Fires Series."
  • Chantpleure's River - "Highlander fanfiction featuring The River and the Meltdown series. Duncan MacLeod and Methos slash for those with a taste for it!"
  • The Complete Kingdom of Slash - "An all fandom site with slash stories, links and info on mailing lists for your enjoyment. With over 160 fandoms to choose from, you are bound to find something you like."
  • Dayspring's Desires - "Just a few stories here at the moment. But I anticipate it growing."[1]
  • Den of Chaos - Where Entropy is king and god, order is an illusion (lunch orders doubly so), and Tiff the Dark's inner twistedness has free rein. Denizens include Taselby, Don C., Sandi, Devil Child, and Zee. Fanfiction, original fiction and poetry, essays, images, links and more. Caveat l[1]
  • Diane's Highlander FanFic by dswdiane23. Here be Duncan and Methos slash.
  • Diana Williams' Fiction - Highlander Stories by diana_slash. Slash stories for many fandoms, including X-Files, Star Wars, Sentinel and Highlander.[1]
  • The Duncan-Methos Mailing List - "Duncan-Methos Mailing List site with instructions for joining, list rules and links to member home pages."
  • Duncan/Methos Ring Homepage - This is the Homepage of the Duncan/Methos Slash fanfiction Webring. Recommended stories, Photo Gallery, Artwork, and anything else the ringmembers wish to add.[1]
  • Duncan Methos Writer's Support Group - Homepage of the Duncan Methos Writer Support Group Mailing List. Links to member pages, general silliness, good fic, pics, and more. Check it out and join our world if you dare.[1]
  • Emania. "The online world of BeeeJ's D/M slash fanfiction."
  • The Fan Fiction Directory: Highlander Slash by Rayhne - An Index for Highlander slash web sites. Updated monthly.[3]
  • Green Couch Zone - author page (HL). "This site is home to my series of Duncan/Methos slash stories called "Immortal Beloved". More to come!"
  • A HandMaiden's Tale by Brynnydd - Highlander Fanfiction. Stories about your favourite boys. (warnings stories are NC-17)[1]
  • HighlanderSlash - Information about how to join the HighlanderSlash mailing list, as well as links to members pages[1]
  • Jam-wired's Writing - author page. "My writing site contains slash from Highlander (Methos only), X-files (Krycek only, usually with Skinner), and some odds and ends."
  • Kamil's Mellifluous Malefactions - Luscious depravities and sweet corrosions of the mind and flesh are among the myriad offerings of this site.
  • Killa's Adventures in Melodrama. Fanfiction, mostly of the slash variety, from Highlander and other series.[1]
  • Laura Mason's Fanfiction - "Highlander and Due South fiction; mostly slash. Proud to now be hosted at SlashCity. Check out my new links section for recommendations on authors and archives."
  • Lapsus Linguae by kamil621. Just a slip of the tongue... Multiple Duncan/Methos writers are hosted here.
  • Le Jardin de Givre by mmuguet - "This is my personal website where you'll find various fandoms, but most importantly my Highlander : The Series fics. Enjoy!"
  • Mage's Inn by anamcara27. Highlander slash fanfiction with Duncan/Methos and historical Methos/other stories.[1]
  • Maxine's Magic. "Highlander fan fiction with concentration on the growing friendship between Duncan and Methos, gradually deepening into "romantic love" and further sexual expression of that love. Some alternative universes, some original characters - never a story that doesn't give our Boys a vital role!"
  • Meant To Be Together by peacefulpassion - Amy's slash fanfiction and recommendations in Highlander, as well as several other fandoms.[3]
  • Meridujo's Cafe by meridujo. Links to Highlander pages, webrings, fan fiction, and a some story recommendations. Will soon be home to screen captures and pictures.[1]
  • Methos Boxer Brigade
  • MoonPuppy's Methosian Pathways - author page (HL, TS, DS, XF, HCL)
  • The NetCafe by rutani1958 - Featuring various authors of Highlander slash and gen fiction, including works-in-progress. Pictures and production articles also.
  • Only Duncan Methos Fiction - Web page for the OnlyDuncanMethos@onelist.com list that stores the list's fiction. Mostly slash and only dealing with stories between Duncan and Methos.[3]
  • Paladin's Domain - Currently consists of many Fantasy, erotic, m/m fiction and Highlander slash, Duncan and Methos sort of thing. Lots more on the way! Brought to you by: Paladin[3]
  • Pavilion Fanfiction - archive of recommended fanfiction
  • The Principality of Whimsy by killasdra - elynross, proprietor A collection of Highlander stories, mostly slash, mostly Duncan/Methos, with a few variations thrown in for flavor.[3]
  • Rachael Sabotini's House O'Fanfic - author page. "Comedy, Drama, Crossovers, Horror and Romance: A veritable emotional feast. The 'Highlander Space' section of the archive focuses D/M slash; there is a recommendations page for D/M slash as well. The site also hosts other fandoms and authors."
  • Rhiannon's Eyrie by rhiannonshaw - Welcome to the Eyrie, where Highlander is still going strong. Methos and Duncan are still teasing each other and arguing over beercaps behind the refrigerator, Rich isn't dead, and vampires show up on an all too regular basis. LaCroix and Nick Knight come by at night, and Aidan Logan lives here. Come on in![3]
  • Rory's No Holds Barred Fan Fix Dojo - author page (HL)
  • tarsh's fanfic by kiwiabrd - Methos/MacLeod slash, need I say more? eg[3]
  • The Unthinkable Alternative Archive
  • Viccy's - author page
  • Where the Boys are - author page (HL, Pros)
  • Wings of Imagination by amy072592. Amy's slash fanfiction from several fandoms: Highlander, Buffy, Angel, X-men, Spiderman, and more being added all the time.[1]
  • Yavanna's Realm by yavannauk - As well as my Duncan/Methos Highlander fanfic this site also houses my Trek, Queen of Swords, X-Files, Eroica and Sentinel fanfic[3]


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