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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Jam-wired's Writing
Author: Jam-wired
Dates: 10 January 2000 (story update in HL section) or before - 06 May 2002 (date Dencity discontinued free hosting)
Fandom: Highlander, The X-Files, BtVS, X-Force, X-Men, HtLJ, Once a Thief, others.
URL: http://members.dencity.com/jamwired/writing.htm (Wayback link)
Jam-wired s Writing.png
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Jam-wired's Writing was Jam-wired's fanfiction and recommendation site. Recommendations were sorted by author, title, fandom, date recommended and reccers favorites.

The site was a member of the Highlander Fanfic Webring, the Duncan Methos Slash Ring and the Richie/Methos Slash Ring.[1]

The X-Files/Highlander story Mile Long Twilight on the crossover page was a Wirerims Award Nominee.

Rec from Nynaeve's Rosetta Stone:
jammy is great in that she has a wonderful sense of humor and angst. She does both so well. She's also a Methos expert. She knows more about Methos fanfic than anyone else I've ever met. She also writes some outstanding XF stuff and her favorite character is Krycek. She's got tons of awesome stories so you should just go and read whatever first falls onto your screen. On another note, she's also got a HUGE rec's page and impeccable taste. If she says, "read it!" I say, "how fast?"[2]


Fan Art - Manipulated and collaged photos made into wallpapers (Duncan/Methos, Gabrielle/Xena, Krycek/Skinner, LaCroix/Nick, Tara/Willow).

Crossovers - Highlander crossed with various fandoms.

Highlander - Mostly slash, some gen. All Methos but one story.

New - New story and recommendation updates.

Other - Fandoms I don't write in heavily. Only two stories up so far: X-Force (Rictor/Shatterstar) and Buffy (Willow/Tara).

Recommendations - Story recommendations for Hercules, Highlander, Once a Thief, X-Files, X-Men and others.

X-Files - Krycek slash.


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