Where the Boys are

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You may be looking for the meta essay Where the Boys Are.

Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Where the Boys are
Author: Bodiebabe
Dates: 1999 or before - 2001 or later
Fandom: The Professionals, Highlander
URL: http://www.bodiebabe.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.htm (Wayback link)
Where the boys are.png
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Where the Boys are was Bodiebabe's Domain. It had separate pages for The Professionals and Highlander.

The Professionals page was a member of the Professionals Ring, the Highlander page was a member of the Duncan Methos Slash Ring and the site featured a banner link to the Renegade Slash Militia which indicates membership in the RSM.

The Highlander page was linked at Jaguarundi's Lair as Cassidy Collins' Boys will be Boys with an added heart for emphasis.[1]


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