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You may be looking for the meta essay Where the Boys Are.

Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Where the Boys are
Author: Cassidy Collins
Dates: 1999 or before - 2001 or later
Fandom: The Professionals, Highlander
URL: http://www.bodiebabe.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.htm (Wayback link)
http://www.bodiebabe.redhotant.com/WebPage/HL/index.html (Boys Will Be Boys, Wayback link)
http://www.bodiebabe.redhotant.com/WebPage/Pros/fiction/Lizzie/lizzie.htm (Lizzie's Pros Fic)
http://www.bodiebabe.redhotant.com/WebPage/Pros/fiction/CassidyCollins/CCprosfic.htm (Pros Fiction by Cassidy Collins)
http://oregondonor.simplenet.com/cassidy/index.html (Boys Will Be Boys)
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Where the Boys are was Bodiebabe's Domain. It had separate pages for The Professionals and Highlander.

The Professionals page was a member of the Professionals Ring, the Highlander page was a member of the Duncan Methos Slash Ring and the site featured a banner link to the Renegade Slash Militia which indicates membership in the RSM.

The Highlander page was linked at Jaguarundi's Lair as Cassidy Collins' Boys will be Boys with an added heart for emphasis.[1]

Boys Will Be Boys

Duncan/Methos slash fanfiction


Destiny Series - Follows what might have happened after The Modern Prometheus.......

Nothing Compares to You
Fall From The Stars
Written In The Wind (a work in progress, part 2 added June 1999)

Superstar Series - Methos has a lot to think about following the demise of the Four Horsemen.......

What Do I Do Now, Baby?
I Wanna Be Sleeping, Baby
Teach Me, Baby

World Cup Series - What were our favourite immortals doing during the 1998 World Cup in France?

Eye Opener
Action Replay
Full Time
On the Ball
Sex Scene Without A Cause

The FYC Collection

An anthology based on lyrics from Fine Young Cannibals.....

The Flame

Drives Me Crazy

Life Through A Lens

Snap shots of Duncan and Methos' life as lovers...... A Perfect Day

Miscellaneous Musings

Forever And Ever

Slave To Love

The Muse In Heat

Memories Linger

D_M Mailing List ABC Challenge: Prelude to a Shag

Roads go ever, ever on

Stories by Clones United

a gestalt entity also known as CC and SALS

Perfect Harmony


Quartet: an interlude in fourplay - HL & The Pros

A Bevy of Blessed Protectors - (HL/Professionals/Sentinel/Voyager) Sorry - this is a total Mary Sue & piece of unbridled silliness.

Pros Fiction by Cassidy Collins

Call It Love NC-17 - After another brush with death the lads examine their true feelings for one another. This is a first time Bodie and Doyle romance. I was inspired to write this by the incredible fan vid of the same name on Media Cannibals #3.

Tradition: A Professionals Christmas - A sentimental holiday story set in the present day.

Quartet: an interlude in fourplay - NC-17. The Pros & Highlander Crossover.

A Bevy of Blessed Protectors - MarySue silliness. Pros/Highlander/Sentinel/Voyager Crossover

Moonlit Thoughts by a Graveside - Poetry. (Warning: Death)

Lizzi's Pros Fic

The 'Early Retirement' Series

With Age, Comes a TOG Sticker
When I'm Fifty Four

The Stuffing Dreams are Made Of

The Waiting Room

It's Not Only a Beautiful Picture




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