A HandMaiden's Tale

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Name: A HandMaiden's Tale
Owner/Maintainer: Brynnydd
Dates: 16 December 1999 or before - 17 April 2001 or later
Type: slash
Fandom: Highlander
URL: http://internetdump.com:80/users/handmaiden/
A HandMaiden s Tale.png
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A HandMaiden's Tale was a Highlander fansite site with fanfiction and links.

It was linked at Jaguarundi's Lair[1] and was a member of the Methos Web Ring, PWFC Web Ring and another Peter Wingfield related webring. The site featured a Support Our Sentinel banner. Brynnydd's Highlander story page was a member of the Duncan Methos Slash Ring, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.



G Means "general", as in appropriate for any age group.

PG "Parental guidence suggested", often indicating cussing, more adult themes, or other topics not necessarily appropriate for a general audience

R "Restricted". Generally indicates cussing, nudity, violence, or other topics that may not be appropriate for those under 17.

NC-17 "No children under 17" Graphic depictions of sex or violence, for adults only.


Slash Is a piece of fiction that pairs members of the same sex in a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

M/M Is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two males.

M/F Is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between a male and a female.

H/C "hurt/comfort" Is astory where in a main character is placed in mental or physical distress, and another main character comforts them in some manner.

B&D Story involves bondage and domination.

S&M Story involves sado-masochism.

BDSM Story contains both b&d and s&m.

Death story Story involves the death of a major character.

NC, rape The story contains non-consensual sex.

Characters involved in stories:

OC Means Original Character

OFC Original Female Character

OMC Original Male Character

J Jim Ellison

D Duncan MacLeod

B Blair Sandburg

M Methos

S Simon Pemberton

JC Jean-Claude


PWFC: Peter Wingfields Official Fan Club

PWAG: Peter Wingfield Appreciation Guild

Maygra's Musings: The Queen Of Slash! You are an inspiration.

Prana: The home of the Innocent Methosgrrl.

Monica's Glorybox: A inspiration. Her TDS stories brought me to tears.

Methos Boxer Brigade: Semper Ubi Sub Ubi.

Just A Guy: A 5,000 year old Mystery.

Kronos Kamp: True love comes in the form of a knife!

Caspians Tent: "What goes with rat? Red or white?"

BoyScout MacLeod: Do you know your motto?

Amanda & The Family: What more can be said, hide your jewels!

HLX: The Best Adult FanFiction site for Highlander on the net.

WhimGirls: Come to the Masters tent...

Highlander Quill Club: An endless site of some of the Best FanFic on the net.

The Duncan/Methos Archives: Looking for Stories about everyone ones favorite Rog and Scot? This is the place! Both Friendship and Slash.

Mona's Fiction Page: All I can say is Wow!

Methos' Sanctuary: The home of Methos' 5th Wife.

The Official Highlander Web Site: From the Mouths of P/D to you. Home of the online Highlander Catalog (which get me in trouble everytime...had to start hiding my Credit Cards *grin*).


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