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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Bog's Dreamscape
Author: Bog (yanthee)
Dates: active in 2001
Fandom: Highlander, X-Files, Star Trek Voyager, Stargate SG-1
URL: (Wayback link)
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Bog's Dreamscape was a slash fanfiction site. The fandoms had separate pages, each dedicated to a slash pairing: Duncan/Methos (Highlander), Mulder/Krycek (The X-Files), Chakotay/Paris (Voyager) and Jack/Daniel (Stargate SG-1).

The site was hosted by GeoCities.


The Legacy of Warriors (updated Oct.1, 2000) - Prince Duncan must fulfill his destiny as the savior of Highland. To do that he must find his greatest ally; his soulmate. Thus, begin the journey of finding love and honor in the middle of war and misery.

The Fires Series (updated Jan. 8, 2000) - An HL/XF crossover story about survival and love. It's earth in the brink of alien colonization and only very few who knew about it understood the meaning of keeping and missing chances of happiness.


The Fires Series - It is Earth in the brink of alien colonization, and only few people who knew about it understood the importance of keeping and missing chances of happiness. A HL/XF crossover story.

Black (posted Jan. 8, 2000) - A story where Mulder had woken up to find himself trapped in his own nightmare, and his only chance of survival is in the hands of his best friend and worst enemies. It is a story written in order to fulfill December TER/MA challenge, but, alas, it got too long.

Afterlife (posted Oct. 24, 2000) - Love entanglement in the midst of hideous killing spree

Star Trek Voyager

Betrayal UPDATED! (Nov. 18, 2000) - Chakotay, Royal commander retired, is a man of honor, faithful to his beliefs, champion of the truth, and loyal to his service. Yet, when he meets the young Duke of Dorvan, Thomas Paris, he is forced into a personal battle he has never experienced before, since the Duke is not like any he’s ever known.

Salto (Aug. 30, 2000) - A young, beautiful, notoriously famous pilot's life is in danger. It is up to Janeway and Chakotay to keep him alive from a danger much more frightening and mysterious than they all expected.

Mask (Aug. 30, 2000) - Tom is trying to mend the pieces. WARNING : Bear in mind a possibility this becomes a death story, and I gave no promises about the ending.

The Rebirth (down for a complete makeover) - Commander Chakotay disappeared and came back in a strange accident. However, his return brought along unexpected consequences and pain. This is a story of love and pain, trust and betrayal, fear and bravery.

Faith - A love torn and forgotten, a dream buried deeply. When one's true heart desire suddenly comes true, but with a high price, is it still worth everything? This is a story that I regarded as my journey to understand the relationship of family ---and masculinity. (C/m, C/P; but everything goes with a twist)

Stargate SG-1

The Widower and the Bartender - Jack meets Daniel and all hell break loose. An A/U first time story, where it takes our heroes from the back of an entertainment club into the heart of Pentagon intrigue, the desert of the mesopotamia, and the life and death battle out world.

The Fall of the Titans - Sequel to The Widower and the Bartender. The after effect of Iraq, Stargate Project power struggle and Maybourne Affair drag Jack back into the center of military political turmoil and exposing his family into real danger. All happens just as Jack and Daniel struggle to define their relationship.


The fandom pages were a member of the Duncan Methos Slash Ring, the Highlander Fanfic Webring, the Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring, The Star Trek Slash Ring, the M/K Slash Ring and the Mulder Torture Webring.