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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Spirit's Heavens aka Spirits' Heavens
Author: Krystyne, Sammi Jo, AbyKitten, Sigrid, KhiDax, Dark Rapier
Dates: c. 1999 – 2005 (Last updated 11 March 2000)
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager, others
URL: http://www.spiritheaven.free-online.co.uk/ (defunct)
spirit-update at ONElist
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Spirit's Heavens main page as of its last update in March 2000
Spirits' Heavens (sic) - "Obligatory warning page", as it appeared in November 2004

Spirit's Heavens, also known as Spirits' Heavens, is the fanfiction site for Krystyne, Sammi Jo, AbyKitten, Sigrid, KhiDax, and Dark Rapier. It primarily contained Star Trek: Voyager slash. The website was maintained by Krystyne.

The site description from its ONElist updates list stated:

Spirit's Heavens is a slash fiction site, meaning same-sex pairings, in this case primarily Chakotay and Paris of Star Trek: Voyager. [...] I ask you to remember that some stories may contain m/m, f/f or other combinations, so please heed the ratings!

The site also hosted "Rod Of Iron", the first round robin for Voyager Slash Perspectives (VSPS), organized by Haggis and Myfanwe.[1]

Description from earlier version of the Tom Paris Dorm: "Is the place to go if you want something contaning CP. They are currently working on a Round the Robin Board 'Rod of Iron".[2]

Author Pages

Affiliates & Webrings

The site also maintained an extensive Slash links page.

Slash Links

Okay, since I'm an obsessive C/P slash fanatic, it's only fair I share some of the sites I have found on the web of them. Actually, I'm listing every site I know of that contains some C/P fiction. If you have a page that isn't listed here, let me know and I'll add it.

Each site is listed alphabetically. I don't pass judgement. What appeals to one may not appeal to another, but I have said if there is a particular story I enjoyed at the site.

Remember that most sites will probably have adult content, so make sure you're old enough and take heed of the warnings!!! Neither Stephanie, AbyKitten or I take any responsibility for the content of these sites, so don't blame us if you don't like them!

I have recently gone through all these links, to check they work. Apologies to Siubhan and Yinta, whose URLs were incorrect. I have also updated other URLs and added two, Irye and Mazzy-Sue.

I have listed all the mailing lists I am a member of, as well. I enjoy myself immensely on these lists, and would like to repay my thanks to the moderators and the members by adding links and information about the lists to this page. If there is a problem, please e-mail me.



Adventures In The Slash Dimension - stories by Ruth Devero. Go, go now!!!!

Amirin's C/P Slash Page - admittedly one of the most talented C/P writers out there. A definite highlight includes the C/P backstory to Yvette's Tu/K series, 'Love and Logic', as well as 'Parry'. You will cry, I guarantee it. She also write great P/K, and X-Files slash.

Anhedonia - contains the work of Calico, Julad, Anagi and Envoy. Contains P/K, C/P and others.

Brenda Antrim's Slash Fiction - some good C/P stories, as well as other pairings and fandoms.

Debra Fran Baker's Notebook - contains C/P, as well as other fandoms. Also essays on Judaism.

Margeret Berger's Fiction Page - author of 'Sweet Dreams', which first got me hooked on C/P, and the continuing 'Drabble-On', that's currently over 100 parts long. Beats a soap opera!

Blackcat's (aka. Janita MB) Voyager Slash Fiction - contains C/P and an alternate-universe Torres/Dax.

Brazenhussy's Voyager Slash - contains not just C/P fanfic (and what great C/P it is too!) but multimedia of our favourite boys and their crewmates, as well as links.

Bridget J. Cochran's Fiction - contains mainly C/P, but also nearly every other delicious combination you can think of... P/7, J/P, P/K, C/7... and I love her new 'Parallel Desires' AU story.

Britta's Slash Page - I hesitate to write how many different awards this writer has won - there's a new one everyday! Has everything... and more! Pack a bag, you'll be here a while!

Joanne Collin's Slash Page - contains an assortment of C/P, P/K and C/P/K stories, as well as other fandoms. Her song stories helped to inspire 'It Don't Hurt'.

Derora's Fiction - contains C/P and P/K. NOTE: If anyone knows the true URL for this page, since it does not seem to be working, please let me know!

The Emu's Feathers - contains J/P, and some J/C and C/P. I especially recommend 'Absumption'. It's not slash, but it is still a brilliant story, based on the episode 'Timeless'... what if some of Voyager's original crew had survived the slipstream?

Gila's Cave - contains C/P and other fic.

Gill's Fiction Page - contains C/P, including 'missing' scenes from Nemesis and Year of Hell II.

Helmboy's Slash Page - one of the most brilliant writers of slash out there! Her epic Traveller Series has everything you could ever want, angst. laughs, quadruplets... You will be addicted, I guarantee!

Irye's Chakotay/Paris fiction - Listen to the welcoming sound file! A new C/P author on the block, with some promising ideas! Also has links to other fiction.

Jadzia's Homepage - containing the fiction of both Jadzia and Blue Mohairbear, including Voyager, X-Files, Highlander and Due South.

Stories by Jan and June - contains both C/P and X-Files fiction, as well as story recommendations.

Janeway's Tom Yum Page - home and slash page of the most active lurker in history! Also great pictures!

Kamil's Fanfiction - contains C/P

Karen (KK) Soren's C/P and other fanfic - great C/P here. I particularly enjoyed her 'Coach' series.

Kat's Korner - a relatively new slash writer. Some C/P, with the promise of more to come.

Kathy and Beth's Page O' Musings - contains Garak/Bashir and Chakotay/Paris fiction. I blame this site for getting me hooked on Tequila!

Keikimo's Voyager Slash Fanfic Page - listmom to the VSPS and a great writer of C/P.

Kiff's Voyager Slash Page - contains C/P, P/N and J/C.

Kim's Cafe - contains C/P and others

Kitara's Fanfic Archive - just been renovated. Take a look!

Robin Lawrie's Fiction and Fractals - contains fanfiction from a variety of fandoms. Very tongue-in-cheek!

Leone's Fiction - a new and promising C/P author on the block, including an intriguing new A/U series called 'The Prince'.

Lianne's Fiction Page (NEW URL!) - contains C/P, Tu/P (another winner!) as well as a whole load of other fandoms.

Manuela's Fiction - contains some C/P and others

Mazzy-Sue's Fiction - only just recently discovered this page. I particularly like 'Recovery' and 'Adrenaline'.

Miriam's Little Corner Of The Universe - contains C/P and other fandoms

Myfanwe's Den - a new but talented C/P writer, whom I met on VSPS. Also check out 'Discovery', Star Trek slash based on original characters. This one was writing slash before she even knew what it was! Hail the Admiral!

Fanfiction by Becca O. - a talented writer of both J/C and a little C/P.

Pandoemonium - contains the fiction of arachne, Andrea, Briony, John Blonde and whitecrow. I'd recommend this site!

Pandora's Plaza - contains C/P and other fiction.

Lady Phoenix's Slash Fiction - contains C/P, C/P/f and others

(Ensign) Mona Ramsey's Slash Fiction - sadly no more, but you can join her slash list here, where she posts updates to ongoing series and new stories.

Raonaid's Home Page - contains great C/P, including an all-time favourite, 'Oubilette'. A real tear-jerker, take your hankies!

Zoe Rayne's Fiction - contains an assortment of fandoms, including C/P. Also details of zines (Infinity Press)

!!NEW URL!! Mary Reilly's 'The Pen Is Mighty' Star Trek: Voyager fiction - talented multi-fandom author.

Robin's Place - contains both Highlander and Voyager fiction.

S and K's Domain - assorted fiction here

S'Belle's Links - also contains a little fiction and a lotta links!!!

Sapphire's Chakotay/Paris Page - great C/P site, especially her 'Uncaged' story. What if Kathryn and B'Elanna were killed in an alien attack?

Shamenka's Slash Page - C/P, as well as Hercules and Xena...

Slash-o-holics Anonymous - a refuge for slash addicts of all fandoms - includes a Helmboy Stalkers' Union!!!

Sileya's Fanfiction - also home to the TrekSmut University, as well as stories of all different pairings.

Siubhan's Slash Fiction - author of the legendary 'Left Hand of Madness' series, but also contains some of the most touching and humourous C/P and other Star Trek fiction I've read. Also, check out her Buffy slash story. Got me hooked! (I apologise to Siubhan for previously spelling her name incorrectly.)

Smaragd's Fiction - C/P fanfic here

Speedo's Slash Page - containing 'Wolfsong'... not your usual C/P story. It twists, it turns, it draws you in. This took a lot of talent.

Spock Sarah's Warped World - contains C/P and other pairings.

Sue's Slash Fiction - contains some extreme C/P. Take the warnings here seriously.

Supercat's Home Page - undergoing renovations at the moment, but still a good site. Contains C/P and Manga fiction.

Terebithia's Star Trek Archive - although she apparently hates it, a great story to read on your visit here is her 'Together We Stand' series, as well as her A/U Bashir/Paris (a girl after my own heart!) story and her P/K. Also listmom for the VSPS list.

Tommyhawk's Fantasy World - contains C/P slash.

Fiction by T'ylr - C/P, C/P/K and original Star Trek fiction can be found here.

Upstairs Scroll Room - contains C/P

Voywriter's Story Page - unofficial Robert Beltran shrine and contains quality J/C, C/P and J/C/P stories.

Vyola's Corner - contains C/P and other fandoms

Yanti's Star Trek Fiction - contains her great 'Rebirth' saga.

Yinta's Dungeons - a relatively new C/P writer, but one who has found her feet quickly. Also contains a C/P background and history, the beginnings of a C/P moments guide and more. This fellow Brit has been busy! Now also has Due South BF/RK (Yay!!!)

Your Cruise Director's Trek Stories - contains mainly J/C but also some C/P and J/C/P

ZorroRojo's Slash Fiction - contains the ever-growing Highlander/Voyager crossover saga, 'Just a Guy'.


Artists In Residence - maintained by none other than the delicious former VSPS ensign, Mona Ramsey. Everything your heart could desire can be found here!

The Chakotay/Paris Support Group - better known as the CPSG, containing everything you ever wanted to know about Chakotay, Tom, Chakotay and Tom, Tom and Chakotay, Chakotay on Tom... need I go on?

The Chakotay/Paris Webring - of which this web-site is a proud member of. A list of approximately 45 sites at last count. Also information on joining if you think your site qualifies.

The Star Trek Slash Archive - contains slash fiction from all four Star Trek incarnations, both m/m, f/f and other combinations. Reserve a lot of time for this one. Once you go in, you won't want to come out again!

Slash City - lots of fandoms from lots of authors... including C/P in many combinations!!!!

Voyager Slash Perspectives List - also known as VSPS. A list run by Keikimo and Tera, and well worth joining, to see new C/P and other slash fiction first. If you're a die-hard het relationshipper, this isn't really the list for you. If you live for slash, then you will find yourself at home here!


Not sure if Chakotay/Paris is completely what you're looking for? (stifling gasps of utter disbelief). Better check here then. Some other sites, both slash and het, to check out to give you a good start.

B'Elanna and Kathryn - J/T fiction by many different authors.

Hexwood - *the* most comprehensive due South fiction archive you'll ever find on the net. Run by Anagi, it contains a search form which enables you to find the exact type of fiction you are in the mood for… and you *will* find one! Even if you're not a fan of due South fic usually, I would still recommend taking a look!!!

Infinity Complex - J/7, J/T, T/7 and other Voyager f/f pairings

JetC - Janeway/Chakotay fiction

JetK - Janeway/Kashyk fiction, and well worth a look. This pairing often offers a very different perspective on Kathryn Janeway to other pairings.

JuPiter Station - if I have to pick a het fandom, I would have to say this one is my favourite. Everything a Janeway/Paris fanatic could ever want is here!

KoaliTion Headquarters - the biggest Kim/Torres site on the web!

The Paris/Kim Slash Party - similar to the CPSG above, a group of fanfic writers doing what they do best... adding to their obsession!

The Paris/Torres Collective Archive - enjoy watching the couple on screen, but want to get a better idea of what they do in their off-duty hours? A good place to start is here.

Particle 7even - Paris/Seven fanfic here. Challenges, pics of our favourite Borg and pilot... Enjoy!

Slash Fanfiction Webring - go here to browse through over a hundred different slash fiction sites, of many different fandoms.

Star Trek Slash Fiction Ring - a comprehensive list of sites of slash, based on all four Star Trek series.

Yavanna's Story Index - mostly Garak/Bashir, but contains others, including a sad little Chakotay/Bashir piece.

Yvette's Tuvok/Kim Slash Page - My second favourite VOY slash pairing here! Go on, treat yourself!


New section here. I am a member of quite a few mailing lists, and I thought I'd recommend them to you too. Please e-mail the moderators before joining, so you can get more detailed information on the list.

ASCEML (ONEList) - an alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated list, which allows you to receive posts from the newsgroup, without spam. Open membership, no age restriction (although be sensible here, please. Heed the warnings!)

DIEF (ONEList) - a due South mailing list for fiction only. Send fiction to this list only if it is rated between G and R. Any higher than that, and it should be sent to the DSX erotica list (see below). No age restriction here.

DSX (ONEList) - another due South mailing list for fiction only. This is primarily for fiction rated NC-17. Mail Anagi for details and approval for membership. You must be over 18.

garakbashir (ONEList) - a Garak/Bashir discussion list. Goes hand in hand with GBX, below! You should be prepared to post at least two e-mails a month. You must be over 18 to join. E-mail Heather to join.

GBX (ONEList) - a place to post Garak/Bashir fiction. This is a companion to the discussion list, 'garakbashir', and part of 'Tea For Two'.

janeway_seven (eGroups. com) - discussing J/7 subtext, exchanging links and posting fiction. A very active group. Moderated by Stacy Peters. You must be 17 or older to join.

jupiter-station (eGroups.com) - discussing the Janeway/Paris relationship. Visit the JuPiter Station (listed in 'Other Fiction Sites') for more information, or e-mail moderator, Geordi Padovan

Protective!Chakotay Club (ONEList) - a discussion and fiction list mainly geared toward the C/P relationship, and run by Leone and Ki. Must be over 18 to join this list.

Serge (eGroups.com) - a due South slash list, predominantly geared toward the Kowalski/Fraser pairing, but is open to other pairings (het or slash) featuring the delectable Stanley Raymond Kowalski. A very friendly list, and highly recommended! E-mail moderator Blarney Stone for more details. Must be over 18 to join this list.

slash-writers (eGroups.com) - multi-fandom list. A good place to post drafts and unfinished pieces of work that you would like a second opinion on. Expect honest feedback from this list, not ego-strokes! Also regular challenges and 'Topics Of The Week'! Run by Diana Williams. Must be over 18 to join this list.

slash_update (ONEList) - an announcement list, telling you when slash sites have been updated. Run by Belynda.

spirit-update (ONEList) - an announcement list telling you when this site itself is being updated. No age restriction, but heed the warnings!

Voyager Slash Perspectives List (ONEList) - a discussion list for all Voyager slash pairings. I have made many friends here. Moderated by Terebithia and Keikimo. Must be over 18. Also take a look at the VSPS homepage.

VoySlash (ONEList) - a similar idea to VSPS. A place to discuss and post Voyager slash fiction. E-mail Denise for more information!


Jim Wright's Deltablues - comprehensive reviews of every Voyager episode that has been aired ever, as well as the latest news, fiction and links. Missed an pisode that a new story is referring to? Try here to get the full, unedited version plus antedotes on the action and the subtext. And he liked Threshold... a major plus in my book!

Julia Housten's Guide To Star Trek Fans - a great page, containing everything you need to know about Trek.

Star Trek Continuum - the official Star Trek site, containing episode guides, scripts of past chats, pictures, videos (of DS9 and TNG, not Voyager I'm afraid), and info on cast members and characters. Great for inspiration, and checking background details for making your stories fit into the canon universe... but who wants that?


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