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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Pandoemonium
Author: arachne, John Blonde, Mandragora, Olivia, and whitecrow
Dates: 14 July 1999 - present
Fandom: Highlander, Star Trek Voyager, Angel, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, Star Trek: TOS, Crossovers, The X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess/Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Original Fiction.
URL: (2000)
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Pandoemonium is the fanfic home of arachne, John Blonde, Mandragora, Olivia, and whitecrow. Fiction is arranged by author and by fandom.

The site was officially opened on 14 July 1999. It is a member of the Duncan Methos Slash Ring.

Fandoms include: Angel, Harry Potter, Highlander, The Lord of The Rings, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: Voyager, Crossovers, The X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess/Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Original Fiction.

The site also features recommendations by whitecrow and a rant by Mandragora.

Site Descriptions

Description from Spirit's Heavens:
Pandoemonium - contains the fiction of arachne, Andrea, Briony, John Blonde and whitecrow. I'd recommend this site![1]
Description from Anhedonia:
A collection of very fine writers exploring a multitude of fandoms, with much success. Go and explore, please. Andrea, arachne, Briony, John Blonde & whitecrow. A nice place. You won't regret it. :)[2]



   Cough Blake's Seven A/T NC-17 Tarrant picks up an unwanted souvenir from his encounter with Servalan on Virn. Originally published in Liberator Fantasies.
   Shower ST: Voy/Blake's Seven Crossover Chak/Avon NC-17 Hot, steamy and, above all, convincing...


   Acts of Kindness ST: Voy J/P NC-17. Janeway/Paris first-time story.
   Between Stories ST: VOY C/P NC-17. Tom, Chak and a series of encounters...
       Between Decks
       Between Earth & Sky
       Between Endings
   Fishing ST:Voy C/P NC-17. Short, but not at all sweet...
   A Foreign Country HL: The Series D/M NC-17. First published in Revelations II, Ashton Press
   Not in the Winter D/M NC-17. So what did happen to Methos' Watcher tattoo...
   Plat du Jour HL:The Series DM/M/RR/J/A G. In which things are not always what they seem.
   Small Moments HL: The Series D/M NC-17. Originally published in Futures Without End II. Love/friendship and a certain amount of brooding.
   Light In Your Eyes (HL: TS, R(D)M NC-17) features a Richie/Methos pairing but is actually as much about Methos/Duncan.
   The events of The Messenger leave Richie and Methos uneasy about themselves and where they stand in relation to Duncan.
   Choices (LotR: Elrond/Cirdan R)
   Short but not sweet...
   After (LotR: Elrond/Cirdan R)
   A sequel to Choices.
   I Will Follow (LotR: Legolas/Gimli R)
   A vignette. Where might it lead?
   Cold Comfort (LotR: Legolas/Gimli R)
   Legolas faces up to some painful truths.
   Perfect Circle (HP: SS/DM (SS(LM)/PP, LM/DM). NC-17)
   Snape finds memory can play you false.
   Unicorn (HP: SS/Quirrell PG-13)
   Quirrell viewed from the outside.

John Blonde

   Blood Brothers Original fiction NC-17. A dark monstrance couched as a vignette.
   Broken Geodes St Voy C/P/T PG. Tom Paris is troubled by his memories of an affair with Chakotay, but are they real? Memory is slippery stuff. John's first-ever fanfic, with the classic first-ever fanfic flaws. Decent plot arc, though.
       Bright Facets
       Rough Edges
       Broken Geode
   Devil to Pay (X Files/DC Comics' Sandman, NC-17) What is it about the handsome devil playing piano? Mulder finds out more than he wanted to know. Originally found in the Infinity Press zine Dance with the Devil.
   Disquiet ST:Voy Tu/P PG A brief glimpse into Tuvok's mind.
   Motif ST:Voy C/P/T NC-17 B'Elanna schemes. Smut ensues. A lot of smut.
   Parselblade HP SS/LM (sort of) R. This is the Snape we know and love; the Dumbledore we respect, and the Malfoy we delight in sneering over ... A lean story, with a little blood.
   Presence ST:Voy This novel-length story takes place in a world where Voyager returned to the alpha quadrant while the Dominion war still rages, extended fromsome fine stories by BratKatze and whitecrow. (Look, and you'll find those, too! ) Tom Paris, renegade war hero. Chakotay, battle-scarred captain. Seven of Nine, fledgling spy. John gives us a straight-ahead action story that will keep you reading to find out what happens next! (Rated R, some slash elements, hosted on Geocities.)
   Q, no A ST:Voy PG Q stops by to rattle Chakotay's cage and find out what happened to the Maquis warrior.
   Rhyme or Reason From DC Comic's' Hellblazer and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, John Constantine and the vampire Lestat come together for a museum heist at the instigation of an annoying Chaos magician. Rated R for drugs, mild sex, and weirdness.
   Sense or Season R. Sense or Season from John Blonde continues the Hellblazer crossover introduced in Rhyme or Reason. As ever, with John the writing is spare, elegant and multi-layered.
   Truth or Treason R. Methos ends this story arc, while John Constantine and the annoying Chaos magician take on another museum. Disturbing violence described in dialogue. 
   Undercurrent HL:TS PG Duncan recieves questions and comfort from a former lover.
   Undertow HL:TS PG Duncan, Methos, and the history of Shakespeare and Company. Companion to Undercurrent.
   The Real Thing Xenaverse. NC-17 Written for a zine that was never produced, to have been titled It's Different for Gods. John has trouble with inspiration. Hot Ares sex ensues. Funny, sexy.


   And Also With You (Angel/Buffy, NC-17) Home is where the heart is... Or is it?
   Distorted Image ST:Voy C/P NC17. Tom is enslaved by an AU Chakotay in this novel-length tale of love and obsession. NB. This story contains graphic scenes of rape and violence, please read the warnings.
   The Jump St:Voy C/P R. A personal challenge leads to a re-evaluation of the past for Tom and Chak...
   Tant Que Je Vive HL: The Series (D/M NC-17) Mandragora's first HL story, and one of her best stories ever. More than just an exploration of love and its cost, but that, too.
       Part One
       Part two
       Part three


   After the Rain ST: Voy C/P NC-17. A sequel to Laura Bowen's classic story Rain Dance.
   Fear ST: Voy C/P NC-17 An intense story of love and missed opportunities.
   Silent Companions ST:TOS K/S/Mc Dr McCoy and a companion indulge in a little late-night drowning of sorrows. This story is a classic. Understated and beautifully realized.
   Joie de Vivre HL:The Series (D/M NC-17) Methos and Duncan take on the nightlife of, music and just a touch of angst.


recommendations by whitecrow
October 2001 First and only is a (gasp) Hercules: the Legendary Journeys fic, called Tribe of Dreams by Thamiris. Thamiris has that rare and wonderful ability to make a story seem like real and everyday life, not something that one is standing back from as a reader. We feel that we are wandering down the streets of Corinth and Sicyon shoulder to shoulder with Hercules and Iolaus and Iphicles and Ares, listening to their conversations, wincing with their pain, feeling their angst. *Great* dialogue between Hercules and Iolaus, and really interesting mythological/classical inserts that bring a sense of realism to the work. Oh, and a bonus -- characters that are complex and interesting. But don't just take my word for it, judge for yourself![3]
July 2001

A Highlander story, Getting to Know You By Crushergal. A fantastic foray into the minds of Duncan and Methos beginning their relationship. Very well structured and extremely good characterisation - her Duncan sounds like Duncan and nothing like Methos. Care has been taken in this story and it shows.

Next, something I never needed - another Fandom!!! This one is Once a Thief, and Speedo has written an absolute beauty - What You Can Get. Mac angst, Mac lust, Vic vacillating - what more can you ask for from OaT? Speedo has some links to other great OaT stories at her site - this is a genre that doesn't yet seem to have found its feet and the quality of writing is very varied. If you like the delectable Nic Lea, or gorgeous Ivan Sergei, then check out the eye-candy at The Theban Band

Last but not least a wonderful Stargate story, Jack meeting up with an old flame and realising of course what we already knew - where his heart really lies. A coupla days spent with [Thor] set him on the right track - sometimes we actually do get what we want. Boyd has crafted this story with loving care, and it shows. The characterisation, the scene setting, the superbly well-realised world. She introduces an OFC, Matthew, and he's not just a foil for Jack but a real live person. A superb job. Don't just take my word for this - go and catch it before it gets away. It's called Gone Fishin'

December 2000

A Highlander story, by the amazing Loch Ness!! This story is an AU, in that it presumes that Duncan and Methos met during WW2. The story moves between then and the present day. It is called And Then Some (take the Fanfiction link, then Highlander). Loch Ness is sooooo talented - this story has humour, fabulous characterisation, a strong Duncan, a complex Methos, wonderful dialogue, defined male characters, an interesting and feisty Amanda, fabulous pacing and structure - and a plot!!! (can you tell I loved it???) And what's more, Loch Ness has the talent to sprinkle the story with little hints that tantalise without having the reader completely befuddled as to what is going on. What more could one ask for??!! Just recommend it to all your friends and then you can discuss it at length before sending Loch Ness the fabby feedback she deserves!!! After all, one taste and you'll want more, more, more!!

Note: The story is now completed, June 2001.

December 1999

First up is a Highlander story. This one is by The Lady of Shalott, called Friend of the Devil and is set during the time of the Dark Quickening. Her characterisations are once again eminently enviable, but in this one I think its the superb understatement, the contained strength of Methos, the undercurrent of evil and darkness. No deaths, so don't wait around reading this rec, go and read the story!! And the Lady of Shalott still doesn't write enough fic of any description to satisfy me, so **please** send her feedback and encourage her!!

Next is a Phantom Menace story, called Carefully Everywhere Descending by the amazing Jane St Clair. Jane is one of those clever people who excel in every fandom in which she dabbles. I first caught her on ASCEM with 2 lovely Paris/Janeway stories, followed by a stunning Paris/Picard story called Comme Si de Rien N'etait, which you can find on Jane's site or in the ASCEM archives. Next she tried Janeway/Seven and on it went, through Kirk/Spock and then X-Files, ending up here with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Beautiful, deceptively gently, completely mesmering prose, almost poetic in its lyrical beauty. Oh, and there is a sequel!

Finally, more Highlander, and this author is a personal favourite of arachne's. As my spiderish friend says: "Sharp, spare, precise. Maxine Mayer has a beautifully distinct style and she makes every single word count. Her stories are mainly in series (with some well-realised original characters) but Dancing Through the Night and In the Mirror are self-contained D/M stories that make a good starting point." So don't hang around here, get reading!! (I too can vouch for Dancing through the Night!) Maxine's stories can be found here.

August 1999

Winter, by Keiko Kirin. A Highlander story featuring Duncan MacLeod and Methos, this one examines the price one often has to pay for something one wants. Beautifully written, with a delicacy of language and style that somehow echoes the title and the season in which it is set. One of the most perfect Highlander stories I have ever read.

Also by Keiko Kirin are 2 X-Files stories, featuring Mulder and Krycek. These are Road Trip and Strange Bliss. The first story is a M/K First Time with plot (!!) and both the story and the relationship are continued in Strange Bliss. This is an amazingly accurate characterisation of both Mulder and Krycek, and Keiko Kirin's insights into motivation and realisation are some of the best I have ever come across. Don't miss out on these two, even if you're not usually a M/K fan. Make an exception in this case; you won't regret it.

Yet more Highlander.

One by The Lady of Shalott, called Begin Again is a D/M First Time. Pacing, language, characterisation, all superb. And one of the hottest sex scenes I've read in a long time <g> (can I say that here?). I've lost count of the number of times I've read this one, and I still love it (like a lot of the others mentioned here...). The Lady of Shalott doesn't write a lot of HL fic, and its a shame after reading this gem of a story. Send her feedback and maybe she'll write more!!

Duet must be simply one of the finest D/M stories around, in the opinion of your roving reporter. Beautiful men in an interesting situation, beautifully written in Killashandra's inimitable style. Sigh. We are not worthy of such bounty. And yet there's more!! She's written a follow-up, Nocturne, a link to which can be found at the end of Duet. If you all write love letters to her she'll give us a third in the series!

A Miracle Every Day is a true miracle of a story. Exquisitely constructed, beautifully written, with an attention to and a mastery of pacing that leaves one breathless (literally!). Oh, and did I mention hot? Aristide is an artist.

Round off this foray into Aristide's mind with another first time D/M - The Declaration. Again, Aristide leaves us with a warm fuzzy glow at the end of the story. Ahhh. The boys are together and all's right with the world. Fluff, she says. We should all be so competent.

Shades of Grey Warning, box of tissues alert. Mairead Triste employs both delicate and broad brushstrokes to bring us a story of the dark side of The Ancient Immortal and The Highlander. A three-parter here, people, and worth dedicating a Saturday afternoon to. A well-crafted, well-written story. What more could you ask for?[4]

Chakotay/Paris Slash

Recovery by T'lyr and Mazzy-Sue. These two extremely talented writers have combined their strengths to produce an absolute zinger of a story, which is at the same time a really interesting supposition based on the Voyager episode Nemesis. Check out their interpretation of events, and see if you agree.

What Price Freedom by Moondancer and its sequel, Strange Angel. Moondancer hasn't yet written number 3 in this wonderful saga but maybe if you send her feebdack you'll get your (and my) wish.

Wolfsong by Speedo. All C/P lovers out there who have mourned the emasculation of Chakotay by TPTB, look no further! Here he is, living breathing and very, very hot in Speedo's wonderful story. And with a Tom to match. Great stuff.

Mona's wonderful series Balance still leaves me wondering. Did they bite off more than they could chew? Not for the faint-hearted, and please heed the warnings at the top of the page. An interesting journey into the minds of Chakotay, Paris, and Mona (and no, it's not a threesome!)

Update: Mona has taken her site down, so if you want to read this wonderful series you'll need to write to Mona.

Contact by !SuperCat. One of the first stories most C/Pers ever read, and a personal fave. Warning - definitely NC-17!

Sapphire's Chakotay/Paris Uncaged is a wonderful place to settle down and read lots of lovely C/P fic by a very talented author. And if that's not enough of a Sapphire fix, you can follow her link to lots of lovely Highlander and D/M!! Sigh. Where does she find the time??

CPSG The Chakotay/Paris Writers Support Group, for all things C/P. You might have noticed that this is a favourite pairing with the denizens of pandoemonium. Sigh. Check out this site if you want a C/P fix - writers, links, pictures. It's all here.[5]
Sentinel Found this recently, and what a story! A Jim/Blair first time, not to be missed, it's Solitary Creatures by the amazing Aristide. Beautiful introspection, a dash of angst, and two gorgeous men. Sigh. She calls it a pop-tart -- go indulge yourself![6]


  • Tom Paris: prison whore by Mandragora - "The title says it all. In a world where violent crime has been virtually eradicated just why do so many ST: Voyager stories feature Tom Paris as a victim of prison rape? Mandragora isn't buying it."


Highlander Links

Sylvia Volk's home, and also Nancy's lodgings. No slash here, folks, just great, great writing.

Kat Allison's stories can be found at this site, along with those of Dargelos, Taz and a sprinkling of other greats. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Visit. Now. Be enthralled, captivated, and don't forget to admire the lovely graphics while you're there.

The Highlander Net Cafe for lots of links, lashings of good writers, and virtual coffee.

Seventh Dimension Archive for all Highlander stories. Everything. A smorgasboard.

The Highlander Quill Club for a collection of stunning writers and their stunning writing. Fine Dining.

And now for something completely different...

Forbidden is an original work by T'lyr. Absolutely, definitely worth a read. Stop by and be as amazed as I was. Then send feedback!!! *** Update, folks, part 10 is in the works!! I cannot recommend this series highly enough. The characters resemble the goddess Storm Constantine's Wraethhu, but the plot is solely T'lyr's and grippingly enthralling!

Confessions of a Fannish Butterfly - what can I say? Check it out. Particularly the Rants and Rambles. A favourite of ours is the List of Fanfic Peeves. We've all done 'em once or twice, but hopefully we know better now! Oh, and while you're there, see if we have any faves in common, at All Jewels are Flawed.

Elements of Phyle by the amazing Mary Beth Kipler Jnr. How not to sin against your readers. Read and come away wiser!

The World's Greatest Authorities on Just About Anything can all be contacted at this one location! Ask them anything - they'll find someone who knows the answer. Can you turn off Inertial Dampeners in mid-Warp? What was the name of the Duncan's Watcher in 17thC? What was Blair's thesis topic? It's all here, and it's all for free! (And it's not just fanfic - try them for RL queries too!)


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