The Highlander Quill Club

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Name: The Highlander Quill Club
Date(s): 2000-2009
Archivist: eng/sengel
Fandom: Highlander
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The Highlander Quill Club was a Highlander fiction archive.

It hosted fiction by Maygra and Rory, was home of Chaos Chronicles[1] and hosted The Schmarlequin Contests.

Taken Down by a Virus Hack

In the olden days, anarchists were cute little mad monks with the obligatory black sphere and sizzling fuse.

Ah, well, that was then and this is now:

On 06/03/09, our ten year old site was hacked and hijacked by a nasty .htaccess plot out of Russia (and you thought the cold war was dead)

On 06/05/09, all the site pages were infected with a redirect code which locked up non-protected browsers coming to the site.

On 06/15/09, I took the site down and started figuring out what the @#$% had happened.

It's a large (600 + MB) site and will take a while to sort out and clean and reload, so be patient, please.

I am so very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused any visitors to this site, eng/sengel @

If such things interest you, here is a fairly clear description of this attack, which apparently is an equal opportunity assailant: The .htaccess exploit [2] [3]

Fan Comments

A fair-sized but very graphics-intensive archive of GEN, ADULT, and SLASH fiction. The graphics slow loading time, but it is rather easy to navigate once you're in. Major authors like Maygra de Rhema have their own pages, while all other minor authors can be found in the Library's Stacks. HLQC runs many writing challenges and awards, so the quality of the fiction is generally high. [4]
I love MacGeorge, really the whole gang at the Highlander Quill Club. Not only are their stories great, but their webpage is downright awesome and the images are pure art. [5]


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