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Date(s): May 28, 1999-
Moderator: not applicable
Type: usenet
Fandom: Highlander
URL: first message
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"Hello all and welcome to this new newsgroup. The hope and goal for this newsgroup is to have a place to post fan fiction inspired by the Highlander series and movies, and discuss such fan fiction."

It had 3754 threads and 26507 posts.

It is sister mailing list to


In 1996, "" was proposed, and there was a discussion at about accessibility, splintering of fannish attention, and more. See New group proposed... (October 11, 1996):

After reading that thread about the fanfics, I had to agree. Since nobody else seemed about to do it, I went into alt.config and proposed the creation of a group called From what I understand, for the group to be created, a few more people need to go into

alt.config and second the motion. At any rate, the proposal is there. I hope it helps.

I think that's a nice idea, but there is already a fiction list. HLFIC-L.

And there's already a Highlander list (HIGHLA-L) :-)

There are reasons to have a mailing list version and a newsgroup version - not everybody can handle large amounts of email while others might not have access to alt newsgroups.

The purpose of (I assume) would be to move fan fiction posts to a separate newsgroup.

Offhand, I don't remember what the waiting time is for a new alt group to be created; however once that has passed and if you need someone to send the newgroup command, just let me know. I have a newsreader that will let me add the extra headers that allows for newsgroup creation according to the alt.config requirements :-) And I just did it for another group last month :-)

My experience has been that the HLFIC-L list has become so huge that opening it takes forever. An I doing something wrong or is it the nature of the beast? If there was a easier way to access the excellent fiction that is out there, I would appreciate the information. I would tend to agree with not posting entire fanfic pieces in this NG, but posting the first part with pointers to where the rest is stored. JMO

I personally don't read fanfic so it would be nice to not have to download the fanfics when I'm DL'ing my NG messages to read.

I know the good intentions are there but I have a concern and a suggestion. Besides belonging to other newsgroups (8) and lists (6) I get this newsgroup, and am subscribed to the HL fiction list. I get the fiction from here and the list and copy them to a file and then read them later. The new newsgroup is great but if my server decides not to pick it up I miss all the great fiction from everyone.

My suggestion is this: how about the fiction writers post to the list and/or post a notice to the newsgroup mentioning that they have a great story on the list but if you are not subscribed to the list then they can contact you email for the story.

The list and our newsgroup has some really great writers and I would really rather not miss any of the fiction.

If you all go ahead and start the new newsgroup (which hopefully I will get) could you also post a notice that you have a new story?

If we have a.t.h.creative it doesn't mean that we still won't have HLFIC-L.