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Mailing List
Date(s): 1993(?)-2007
Fandom: Highlander
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HLFIC-L was a Highlander mailing list

The HLFIC-L was for posting fiction only. Any discussion, whether about the stories themselves or what was appropriate content for the fiction list, took place on HIGHLA-L.

About Its Archive

Until 1997, when the Seventh Dimension Archive opened, the HLFIC-L mailing list was the only central collection of Highlander fanfic. There was also no web archive apart from the list archives themselves. In order to access stories members had to browse the index of posts, then send requests to the listserv for those posts to be e-mailed to them. Some writers provided detailed information in the subject line, but others didn't, so there was often a certain degree of hit-or-miss when requesting older posts. There was also no organization to the index apart from timestamps, so there was no ordering by pairing, genre, author, or title; just lists of posts.

The Unofficial Highlander WWW, FTP, and HLFIC-L Archive

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