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Name: John Constantine
Occupation: magician, occult detective, con man
Status: alive
Fandom: DC Comics, Hellblazer, Constantine (TV series), Constantine (film),
Other: His appearance is reportedly based on Sting.
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John Constantine is a DC Comics character.



John first appeared in The Saga of the Swamp Thing (vol. 2) #37 (June 1985), then started headlining his own comic in Hellblazer in 1988. He frequently appears in other magic-based comics published by DC Comics, most notably in The Sandman, The Books of Magic, and Justice League Dark.

He was confirmed bisexual in 1992.

Constantine (TV series)

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Constantine (Movie)

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The Constantine (TV Series) was confirmed to exist within the Arrowverse, with Matt Ryan's version of the character appearing in an episode of Arrow's fourth season. He helped to restore Sara Lance's soul to her body, following her resurrection in the Lazarus pit. Constantine also made a guest appearance in two episodes of season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow. An animated Constantine series on CW Seed will continue this character's story, with Matt Ryan voicing Constantine.


John has appeared in direct to video animated movies such as Justice League Dark (2017) and Constantine (2017). He also appeared in Justice League Action.


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John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara is his most popular comic ship, and the gen pairing of these characters is also reasonably popular within the fandom. The canonical John Constantine/Nick Necro/Zatanna Zatara threesome has some followers too.

Constantine (TV series)

John Constantine/Chas Chandler is fairly popular within the fandom. John Constantine/Mary "Zed" Martin is a rare pairing. Crossovers with Supernatural also happen, in which he is often shipped with Dean Winchester or, less often, with Castiel. There are also crossovers with the Lucifer (TV series), where John is paired with Lucifer Morningstar. This pairing also appears in the movie fandom but is rarer.

Constantine (Arrowverse)

John Constantine is often a side character when he appears in Arrowverse fan fiction, similar to his role in the canon of the shows. A rare pairing within the fandom is John Constantine/Laurel Lance .

Fans were excited to learn that Constantine would return as a bisexual character when he appeared on Legends of Tomorrow for two episodes. [1] Many fans were initially disappointed when the Constantine (TV Series) introduced him as a straight man, when the character had been canonically bisexual in the comics.





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