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Name: Lucifer Morningstar, Samael, The Lightbringer, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Luci
Occupation: Former Ruler of Hell, Owner of Lux nightclub, LAPD Consultant
Title/Rank: Archangel
Location: Heaven, Hell, L.A.
Status: Immortal, Alive
Relationships: TV Series - Amenadiel (Brother), Mazikeen (Ally), Uriel (Brother), Goddess (Mother), God (Father), Linda Martin (Former Lover), Candy Morningstar (Wife), Chloe Decker (Love Interest)
Fandom: Lucifer (TV series), DC Comics, Vertigo
Other: Played by Tom Ellis on Lucifer
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Lucifer Morningstar is a fictional character, first appearing in The Sandman comic book series and later appearing as the main character in Lucifer, a Vertigo comic book. He is also the titular character in the Lucifer (TV series) which premiered on Fox in 2016.



In The Sandman comic book series, Lucifer is the unhappy Ruler of Hell, who abandons his throne to live on Earth, opening a piano bar with his demon lover Mazikeen. Despite been the Devil himself, Lucifer refuses to lie. Lucifer's new life is often disrupted by angels and demons from his past, including his brothers Amenadiel and the archangel Michael.

In the New 52, Lucifer is returned to him traditional role of ruler of Hell, but he is bored despite his power and the fear he inspires in others.

TV Series

Similar to the comics, Lucifer is running a nightclub in L.A. with help from Mazikeen, when his brother Amenadiel arrives to return him to his proper place, Hell. The murder of a close friend encourages Lucifer to seek vengeance, and he achieves this by working with LAPD Detective Chloe Decker. He enjoys the experience so much, that he becomes a consultant with the LAPD, working with Chloe.

Lucifer meets Dr. Linda Martin on his first investigation, beginning a sexual relationship with her, but he returns for her advice as he seeks to understand human interactions and his own emotional problems. Despite Lucifer's tendency to misinterpret her advice with humorous consequences, Linda becomes his friend and is the first human he reveals himself to.

Lucifer has the power to make people tell him their deepest and darkest desires, but this power doesn't work on Chloe, and that fascinates him. As the series progresses, Lucifer realizes that he is physically vulnerable when he is near Chloe.


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TV Series

Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar is the most popular pairing in this fandom. All other pairings are rare, including Amenadiel/Lucifer Morningstar, Mazikeen/Lucifer Morningstar and Dan Espinoza/Lucifer Morningstar. There is a large amount of gen fic with Lucifer.

Common Traits & Tropes in Fanworks

  • Wingfic due to the canonical existence of Angels in this fandom.
  • Casefic due to the procedural nature of episodes in the show.
  • Devil Reveal, where human characters, usually Chloe and/or Trixie realize that Lucifer is actually the Devil.


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  • Wings Are for Chickens by FearTheSpork, When Lucifer does a good deed for Chloe and Trixie, he’s rewarded. Although he isn’t too sure if he likes what he’s got.
  • Falling by sanctuary_for_all, For a single instant, he imagined her facing his Father and giving him a piece of her mind. Lucifer's thoughts during the wing scars scene in 1x4.


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