Kodokuna Shojo: A Lonely Girl

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Title: Kodokuna Shojo: A Lonely Girl
Author(s): C.R. Scott
Date(s): 7/11/2012 - 4/3/2013
Length: 31k words
Genre: suspense, horror
Fandom: Batman
External Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/502893 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8309149/1/Kodokuna-Shojo-A-Lonely-Girl

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Kodokuna Shojo: A Lonely Girl is an 11 chapter Batman horror/suspense story written by C.R. Scott and originally published between summer 2012 and spring 2013.


(Ignores the DC "New 52" reboot) A tale of two Robins wrapped up in an Asian-style horror story. Tim Drake goes to Japan for business, both for Wayne Enterprises and Batman Incorporated. However, when he returns to Gotham City, it's Damian Wayne who discovers he brought along more from his trip overseas than just his luggage and mission report.


  • Inspired by and includes elements found in classic Asian horror movies like "Ringu" and "Ju-On"
    • Strong focus on use of psychological horror and tension building elements
    • Ghosts based on spirits from Japanese folklore
  • Ignores the New 52 DC Reboot
    • Story takes place immediately where various Batfamily comic book series ended before the reboot
  • References to other media
    • Makes references to an episode of The New Batman Adventures animated series [1]
    • Makes a veiled reference to a character from the anime/manga series "XXXholic" by CLAMP

Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Initial Author Notes

I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of Kodokona Shojo: A Lonely Girl and are tempted to read onward. This story was originally started in September 2012, and was only recently completed. Due to real life issues, I'd stopped writing sometime after finishing Chapter 6 and took several months away from it. However, two months ago I picked this tale back up again, this time with the intention of finishing the story in its entirety before publishing it here on Ao3.org and elsewhere.
Due to being able to read the story in its entirety and edit the story as a whole, the first six chapters have been edited. There have been some small changes that were mostly for grammar and to make the story flow more smoothly from chapter to chapter.
Throughout the story, you will see speech text marked off with brackets like "[this]". This is an indication that a character is speaking in Japanese.
I hope you enjoy this story, and feel free to leave comments and critiques. I welcome both.
Thank you.
~CR Scott


Fans of the Batman fandom and of Asian horror stories left mostly positive comments on the stories. Below are some of the reviews left by readers:

"Gorgeous. Absolutely wonderful. I... *Takes a breath* I loved everything. From the beginning to the conclusion, to the awesome characters and moments, and not to mention the monsters/spirits, I have to say... it took me for a crazy ride."[2]
"Brilliant story! Scared me half to death though! You gonna make another?"[3]
"This was so good and so terrifyingly suspenseful! I had chills running up my spine until the end and I loved the neat ending. Very good job!"[4]


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