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Name: Pyracantha
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Darkover, Deryni, Amber, Doctor Who
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Pyracantha is an artist of much Darkover and Deryni art.

Pyracantha was also one of the collators of the APA Golden-APA.


Some Art Samples

An Early Art Portfolio

I produced two portfolios of black and white fan art in 1981. One was from Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Darkover," and the other was from Katherine Kurtz's "Deryni" world. I copied the drawing pages on a photocopy machine and sold the folios at conventions, innocently unaware that I was violating copyright. I sold a lot of them before I was requested to stop. I still have some of them somewhere, probably where I stuffed all the other fan art and magazines I illustrated. [1]

See Deryni Portfolio of 1981 and Darkover Portfolio of 1981.

External Sources


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