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Name: Deryni
Creator: Katherine Kurtz
Date(s): 1970–2014
Medium: novel series
Country of Origin: USA
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The Deryni series is a series of historical fantasy novels by Katherine Kurtz that started with Deryni Rising (1970), first of a trilogy, and has continued primarily through further trilogies, plus some short stories. As well as continuing the lives of the characters from the initial books, the series also ranges backwards in time to fill in earlier periods in the history of its fictional setting.

Both maps and internal description indicate that this land, the Eleven Kingdoms, loosely parallels the island of Great Britain. Most of the series is set in the kingdom of Gwynedd, whose internal politics and wars with neighbouring countries provide much of the plot. The Deryni are a race with magical abilities, physically indistinguishable from normal humans, with whom they can interbreed. The position of the Deryni in Gwynedd varies across the books of the series: while their powers are useful to the ruling class, there is considerable religious opposition that, in some eras, results in pogroms that drive Deryni into hiding their true nature.

Fanfic Policies

Effectively Katherine Kurtz has a "don't ask don't tell" policy; has been advised by her agent "never to read any fan fiction, nor even to look at the relevant fan groups on Usenet. This gives [her] the defence of never having seen the fan fiction, and so any similarities can be dealt with as cases of simultaneous copyright."[1]

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