The Home for Deryni Lovers

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Name: The Home for Deryni Lovers
Owner/Maintainer: Angelica
Dates: -2012
Type: tribute site
Fandom: Deryni
URL: The Home for Deryni Lovers (archived on Wayback)
Screen capture of "The MacRorie Family" page.
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The Home for Deryni Lovers was a small tribute site for Katherine Kurtz's Deryni books. Its owner's name was Angelica.

The main page said:

Welcome !

My name is Angelica, and I have loved Katherine Kurtz's work

since the first time I read it back in 1989. Since then I have

collected all of her books, and currently have at least 3 copies

of each title of her Deryni series (one hard cover, one paperback,

and one unread). I have begun this page for fellow fans, and to

help others gain an appreciation for these wonderful books.

The site included the following pages:

Site History

The site was originally within Lilith's Dark Domain ( The website was called "Lilith Child's Dark Domain" on the index page, though the index page itself was called "Lilith Child's Dark Manor". However, the Deryni material was later moved to (There was an automatic redirect on some of the pages.)