Annales Nuptiarum Kelsoni Regis

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Title: Annales Nuptiarum Kelsoni Regis
Publisher: Caer Deryni Publications
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Deryni
Language: English
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Annales Nuptiarum Kelsoni Regis is a 59-page resource zine, "compiled as a companion volume to KING KELSON'S BRIDE, the thirteenth novel in the Deryni series. Its creator is Linda Epstein.

It contains an introduction by Katherine Kurtz.

front cover by Kathi Spivey, portrays Kelson Haldane, King of Gwynedd
back cover by Kathi Spivey, portrays Queen of Gwynedd

Introduction by Katherine Kurtz

The Annales Nuptiarum Kelsoni Regis—the Annals of the Marriage of King Kelson—has been compiled as a companion volume to KING KELSON'S BRIDE, the thirteenth novel in the Deryni scries. Herein you will find a biographic index of all the characters appearing or mentioned in KKB, sometimes fleshed out with details appearing in earlier books, along with similar references to places.

Linda Epstein's work on this project has been accomplished with diligence, determination, and not a little frustration, since she also was doing her best to make this volume compatible with the material being developed for the Deryni role playing game now in production—and those editors kept changing their minds, and I kept changing my mind, and all of us were attempting to sandwich in our input amid many other commitments.

But despite these frustrations. Linda persevered, because she loves the Deryni universe. The ultimate version, now in your hands, has succeeded very well indeed, and will be a fascinating and useful adjunct to all readers of the Deryni novels. (It will also be useful to me, as a handy reference with all the information in one place!)

So welcome to the Annales Nuptiarum Kelsoni Regis. May it bring you many hours of reading and thinking pleasure.

Sample Interior