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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Dark Rapier's Fiction
Author: Dark Rapier
Dates: last updated 11 March 2000
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: http://www.spiritheaven.free-online.co.uk/DarkRapier/ (2001)
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Dark Rapier's Fiction was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was part of Spirit's Heavens.

Description from Spirit's Heavens:
Dark Rapier's Star Trek: Voyager Fiction, containing the C/P stories "For Man Hath No Greater Love", "The Gift", and "Fields Of Destruction"

It was linked at an earlier version of the Tom Paris Dorm as "Dark Rapier - Home for The Gift and Man Hath No Fury".[1]


  • For Man Has no Greater Love - (Star Trek: Voyager - Chakotay/Paris) NC-17. Seska's back. . . but who will be her next victim? (14 parts)
  • The Gift - (Star Trek: Voyager - Chakotay/Paris) NC-17. Chakotay's birthday gift to Tom. . . (standalone story)
  • Fields Of Destruction (Star Trek: Voyager - Chakotay/Paris) - an accident during an away mission has devastating consequences, as a senior crew-member reflects on missed chances and a lost love. (WARNING: very angsty) (2 parts)

Dark Rapier has also contributed to the Voyager Slash Perspectives Round Robin, 'Rod Of Iron', which is archived at Spirit's Heavens.


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