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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Krystyne's Fiction Index
Author: Krystyne
Dates: December 1999 or before – c. 2005
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, due South, others
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Krystyne's Fiction Index was Krystyne's fanfiction page. It was part of the Star Trek: Voyager author collective Spirit's Heavens.


Main page as archived 04 December 2004.

Krystyne's Star Trek: Voyager Fiction (updated 12th Dec. 1999) - My first fandom, containing over twenty stories, mainly centring on the Chakotay/Paris relationship, although there are also stories for Janeway/Paris, Chakotay/Paris/Torres, Janeway/Seven, Paris/Seven, Paris/Torres... well, you get the idea! I'm particularly proud of my 'Inequality' series, which is currently ongoing, and my 'Alternative Bonding' series, also ongoing.

Krystyne's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fiction (updated 20th Dec. 1999) - contains only one Bashir POV at the moment, although I hope to add more soon, centring around Julian Bashir, Jadzia Dax, Garak/Bashir, Bashir/O'Brien and possibly other DS9 pairings.

Krystyne's due South Fiction (updated 8th Jan. 2000) - contains two short DS fics, a snapshot of Fraser and the bond he shares with his wolf Diefenbaker, and a RK/BF drabble about the sunrise that proves I should not write after midnight! Quite a few other fics in the works, including a Francesca/Elaine, so please check back soon!!!

Krystyne's Miscellaneous Fiction (updated 20th Dec.1999) - this is where my crossovers, original fics and other pieces of fan fiction that don't fit anywhere-else are stored. Currently, there is the beginnings of a DS9/VOY crossover series, an original fic based around the Second World War and a short thought-piece based on the British film 'Beautiful Thing'. A Bashir/Paris DS9/VOY crossover is in the works, and should be completed soon.

Krystyne's Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel Fiction (coming soon!) - Since I like almost every possible pairing going (yes, you can imagine my phonebill!), there will be a mixture here, although personal favourites include Xander/Angel, Buffy/Faith, Cordy slash, Doyle fic and other Buffy pairings. I'm hoping to have completed a short X/A and a longer B/f soon... fingers crossed!