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Pairing: Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien
Alternative name(s): B/O'B, BOBslash
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Small
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Bashir/O'Brien is a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pairing involving characters Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien.

It is the third most common slash pairing in DS9 fandom but is dwarfed by the rival Garak/Bashir ship and recently surpassed by Odo/Quark

Fan Perspectives

Butterfly writes in her ship_manifesto essay, Repairing and Mending (Healers Both) (Oct 2004):

In the beginning, Bashir and O'Brien seem to be very different men, but over the course of the series, their friendship builds similarity upon similarity. This relationship is one that deepens moment by moment, a relationship that's about building up trust and hope, about turning a somewhat faltering beginning into one of the deepest and strongest relationships that we ever get to see on Trek.



Fanfiction for the pairing trends more toward vignettes than plotty fics.

Miles's wife Keiko O'Brien appears in many B/O'B stories, usually as an obstacle to the relationship. Her character is often portrayed negatively in such stories, divorcing Miles or warning Julian off. Some stories focus on Miles's attempts to resist his attraction to Julian in order to remain faithful to his wife. Occasionally, however, the situation resolves into a threesome.

Elim Garak also sometimes appears as part of a threesome or love triangle with Bashir and O'Brien.



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