The Trade

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Title: The Trade
Publisher: Unicorn Press
Author(s): E.A.Weeks
Cover Artist(s): Sophia Kelly Shultz
Medium: fanzine, print
Genre: het
Fandom: Buffy & X-Files
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The Trade is a het Buffy & X-Files crossover 175-page novel written by E.A.Weeks. It has a cover by Sophia Kelly Shultz, and it required an age statement to purchase.


From the publisher: "In the year 2004, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are in Los Angeles to investigate the disappearance of another FBI agent. A gruesome discovery makes them realize their fellow agent may have uncovered a clandestine operation dealing with the sale of werewolf pelts. LAPD detective Kate Lockley aids them with the case, and she brings in the assistance of a mysterious private investigator named Angel."