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Name: Aries
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: The X-Files
Other: Aries' Fiction
URL: Aries' Fiction, Aries @ Down in the Basement
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Aries is a prolific Mulder/Krycek slash writer and winner of the 2001 Lisa e Krysa Lifetime Achievement Award (tied with Sleeps with Coyotes).

Presenting the award, Araxdelan said:

Aries has been a major player in the fandom for four years. She burst onto the scene in 1998 with her Admission series. An epic tale of the trials and pains of love, the series now spans nine stories and is almost 2MB.

The epic would characterize Aries' career. While she has written many wonderful short stories, she is most known for her novels, and the series that many of them are a part of. Thankfully, Aries is still active in the fandom, still entertaining us with her tales. Her latest series D.C. Rain is captivating audiences, just as Admissions did years ago.

Some Comments in 2000

Aries is a truly wonderful writer. She is absolutely amazing. I just wanted to get that set straight and out of the way. Overall, she is my favorite fanfiction writer. She writes exclusively in the X-files fandom and does marvelous Mulder/Krycek stuff.

If you are looking to get into the X-files fandom this is where you should start, especially is you are interested in M/K. I am a one true pairing kindof girl, have found that is always true with whatever fandom I am reading in. Aries displays that in her X-files writing, which I really like. Her stories are romantic, angsty, and incredibly sexy. She writes Mulder and Alex so wonderfully, totally in love and hot for one another. If that idea appeals to you you should definitely read her stuff. Her stories are usually very long and often turn into series.

You can find all her work at: or

I suggest just starting at the top and working your way down, not stopping until you have read the last story at the bottom of the page. I am constantly rereading her stuff and never tire of it.

Pay special attention to the *Admission Series*:

I don't think I could ever say enough about this series to do it justice. It is so amazingly complex. Her characters are deeply written and have to fight their way through their own internal fears and pain to find there way to one another in this series more than once. It takes them a while to move on from the past and face the future together, but it is done beautifully. You see the progression from enemies who secretly desire one another, to lovers who are both afraid of being together yet can't help it, to a two against the world thing. I love this series. It was the first M/K I ever read and turned me onto the whole fandom. It is holds second place only to the *Remember Me from the Not on My Watch series*. (You'll find a rec for it below.)

Also read the *Not on My Watch series* which you can find on the main fiction page listed here. Pay special attention to the last one *Remember Me*. That one makes the entire series stand out. It is just beautiful, angsty, and incredibly sweet. The first time I read it, I cried through the entire first part and two thirds of the way into the second. I mean serious crying, I didn't stop feeling like the waterworks were on a hair trigger until the end of the second part. Any story that make me cry that much is good in my book. I don't cry easily and usually not that long and hard. Remember Aries reminder that things aren't as bleak as they seem and things will get better 'sooner' or later. You don't see any warnings do you so things aren't always as they appear.

Her *Green Eyed Monster* series is great too, it's also on the main page listed above. It is filled with the usual romance, angst, and wonderful sexiness that are so great. Alex is wonderfully vulnerable and repenetant in this story. You will fall for him and just want to protect this guy all over again.

A sweet short series, even Aries was surprised she could write a short one, is *Mind, Body and Soul*. It has only three parts and each are tinged with just a smidge of angst, tons of romantic love, and hot, hot sex. Though the fist is more pre-slash it sets the heated tone for the other two. Read them all you don't want to miss any of it.

Another wonderful read is *Private Dancer* found here:

And it's sequel *One Night Only* found here:

Both are wonderful stories that are incredibly sexy and only a very teeny bit angsty. Both are wonderfully loving and did I mention sexy.

I suggest you read all her fic because it is great, though these do stand out.

Well, that's it. Read and enjoy, you definitely will not be disappointed here with her wonderful writing. [1]

Notable Works