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You may be looking for the Marvel Comics superhero Silk, please see Cindy Moon, or the Smallville zine Silk and Flannel or the story Silk from the Warrior's Heart series.
K/S Fanfiction
Title: Silk
Author(s): Anne Elliot
Date(s): 2003
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Silk is a Kirk/Spock story by Anne Elliot.

It was published in the print zine Prophets in the Wilderness.


"While shopping on Wrigleyʼs, Spock buys Kirk a gift."

Reactions and Reviews

I rather like the idea of Kirk in a low-cut, skimpy, sleeveless silk tunic, just for the bedroom. But I think Kirk would actually like wearing it, he is vain after all. I notice Spock is giving in to Kirk's wishes again. Sigh. [1]

Spock buys Kirk a very revealing silk tunic on Wrigley’s and wants him to wear it in bed. This is another entertaining and clever story from Anne. I loved her account of Kirk and Spock’s shopping expedition. (Yes, shopping—real men do shop occasionally!) It‘s very amusing, beginning: “As soon as he and Spock had moved in together and he had become privy to the secrets of Spock’s wardrobe, he had realised that something needed to be done. Spock’s off duty clothing consisted of precisely 5 items: one severely cut Vulcan tunic (black), one pair of trousers (black), one meditation robe (black), one toweling dressing gown (black) and, somewhat incongruously, an oversized orange T-shirt with “Idrar Ices are the Nicest’ emblazoned across the front which Spock had been using as a nightshirt on the occasions when the slightly temperamental heating in his former quarters had been functioning below capacity. Kirk had not yet asked how Spock had gotten hold of the garment: he was saving that treat for some future occasion when he needed cheering up.” Kirk insisted on going with Spock to shop, fearing that “Spock would continue his favourite colour scheme and Kirk would find himself off duty in the permanent company of a Vulcan funeral director.” Other fun parts were reading about how Spock “ the collective memory of the Enterprise crew had never been seen out of uniform off duty”, shopping at the ‘Lovers Selection Site’ and Spock’s anxiety that a crew member would see them in the store, and the “Affair of Chekhov’s Underpants“! A really fun read. [2]


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