The Web After Dark

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Title: The Web After Dark
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): March 2000
Medium: print zine
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by P.J. Alexander

The Web After Dark is a slash Sentinel anthology reprinting previously net-published stories. It is digest size with 179 pages. The cover is by P.J. Alexander. Color and B/W interiors by TM Alexander and KOZ.

flyer for a proposed second issue, one which did not make it off the ground


  • Spinners by Editors (2)
  • All But the Heart by Sorka (told from Carolyn's POV as she does a little covert spying on our boys. Thinking it's her duty to show Jim that Blair is out to seduce him, she instead gets a few surprises. Could be either a first-time or established couple story.) (5)
  • Mirror, Mirror by Wolfling (sorta a two-part story (with "Reflections" below), though each can also be stand-alone. An established couple story in which Jim seems to have developed a kink for three way mirrors.) (13)
  • Reflection on a Rig by Septer (a prose piece from Jim's POV.) (19)
  • Return to Innocence by Mal (Bondage. Blair shows Jim a little about trust.) (21)
  • Flying by Saraid (First-time story. Some Blair and Jim owies! But great comfort, too. Jim and Blair go camping and their usual luck prevails.) (33)
  • Take My Hand by Gillian Middleton (First-time story. Blair owies Jim learns what's really important when terrorists take over the plane they are on.) (73)
  • Mine Alone by unknown author (a prose piece that could easily be from either Jim or Blair's POV.) (98)
  • Memories Regained by Summer Rain (First-time story. A double dose of amnesia. Blair and Jim are involved in a plane crash in Peru. It's essential that they both lose their memories, so that they are able to learn what they need to know about the Sentinel/Guide bond as well as the Jim/Blair bond.) (101)
  • Guided Reflections by Wolfling (167)

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