U.N.C.L.E. Affairs

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Title: U.N.C.L.E. Affairs
Publisher: Nowayjose Press
Editor(s): Denetia Arellanes
Date(s): June 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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U.N.C.L.E. Affairs is a slash supernatural AU 157-page anthology. Stories & artwork by Clotilda Willard, Zach Nitzyekov, Rosamund Clifford, Eros and more.


From Agent With Style: "In this collection of supernatural stories, discover the deep, dark secrets that both Illya and Napoleon keep hidden from each other. Does the full moon turn one into a vampire? The other into a large cat? Could other things be creeping around in the dark, going bump in the night?"

Publisher's Forward

It has come to my attention that certain unscrupulous individuals are copying my fanzines and the publications of other editors and passing them off as originals or stating that the zine is out of print and this is the only way to get a copy.

Be it known to anyone who reads this fanzine and is thinking of purchasing any of my other publications. It is the on-going policy of nowayjose press and Novelty Shop Press to never let any of its titles go out of print. Many of my publications are printed on special paper or have unique covers, etc. This is for the reader's visual enjoyment and a black and white cover is no replacement for a color cover, nor is poorly reproduced art work and/or printed material an acceptable replacement for the real thing. Since these bootleg zines are being sold at original cover price the buyer should be getting the highest quality available — which is an original. I have agents selling for me at conventions, primarily MediaWest and a few West Coast conventions. Those people authorized to sell my zines will usually have a letter from me on my stationery stating the titles they are selling. And, I will ask them to clearly display this or make it available to anyone who might ask about it. If you feel that same one is illegally selling my zines or those of any other editor, please get this individual's name and address, if at all possible, and pass it on to me or other proper editor. Do not confront the person. It maybe they are selling off their collection or just wish to weed out a few titles. I have no objection to this. What I am trying to stop is the individual(s) who has five bootlegged copies of one title. So, enough griping, I do have some good words to say as well. Readers' reactions to my zines have been extremely kind and favorable. While I have not had time to answer every letter I do appreciate your encouragement and will endeavor to meet your expectations for future publications. I also appreciate comments on what can be done to improve the quality of my zines, whether it involves story content, grammatical errors, etc. please I also wish to thank Sasha Sokolnikov, for her help in typesetting several of the stories in this zine. I hope to have a Macintosh of my own very soon so that future publications have a professional typeset look. Other thanks go to Rosamund Clifford for her invaluable assistance with RITES OF THE FULL MOON. She helped with the final edit when it appeared in MOBILE GHETTOS II, but did not get credit. Her considerable talents are also showcased in PLEASURE GARDEN. I hope there will be another issue of U.N.C.L.S. AFFAIRS in the near future as there are other stories in both the vampire and cat universe to be told. Please let me know if there is interest Out there.

Guess that's all for now.


  • Rites of the Full Moon by Clotilda Willard (23 pages) (reprinted from Mobile Ghettos II)
  • Nip of Time by Casey Melvin (7 pages) (reprinted from Mobile Ghettos II)
  • Sweet Vengeance by Zach Nitzyekov (13 pages) (reprinted in UNCLE Gold #3)
  • Second Chance by Clotilda Willard (37 pages)
  • Hunter's Taming by Zach Nitzyekov (13 pages) (reprinted in UNCLE Gold #3)
  • Cat Tricks by Clotilda Willard (5 pages)
  • Catnip by Zach Nitzyekov (6 pages) (reprinted in UNCLE Gold #3)
  • Garden of Zeus by Clotilda Willard (15 pages)
  • Pleasure Garden by Rosamund Clifford (5 pages)
  • In the Heat of the Night by Casey Melvin (5 pages)
  • The Ghost of Illya Kuryakin by Eros (14 pages)
  • Come Quick, Doc, He's Dead! by Sasha Sokolnikov

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