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Synonyms: Agent
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A zine agent is a person or publisher who sells zines on behalf of others, taking over the production of zines from a previous publisher or individual. An agent is not necessarily the sole seller.

Good Things

some pluses

  • what makes an agent a good one?
  • agents' benefit to fans

Not-So-Good Things

  • loss of control
  • with some, mysterious bookkeeping


In the 1990s, Bill and Ann Hupe were sometimes the subject of complaints regarding cost and "ownership" of zines.

In 1997, Mysti Frank wrote an open letter to fandom, one which encouraged other fans to act on complaints she had about New Leaf Publications and the agent who took over Bill and Ann Hupe's zine empire. See Thief in Fandom.

In 2003, there were complaints about unauthorized publication of fan fiction, unauthorized editing of submitted stories, bootleg print runs of agented zines, and the production value of the zines themselves by Agent With Style. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6]

In 2008, a fan became upset when an agent sold Ducky's Pain and Bolo with unauthorized covers, something that generated discussion about what the role of an agent was. One quote: "...it is not an agents place at all to do something like that. They said an agent is like a babysitter, their job is to care for the baby not tattoo it." [7]

Examples of Zine Agents

Agenting Zines for Others at Cons

From Boldly Writing: 'In order to bring more fanzines, we [at BlooMN'Con in 1982] started the tradition of agenting fanzines at the convention for other editors. Conventions in future years picked up on this practice, and it is now fairly common."


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