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Synonyms: Agent
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A zine agent is a person or publisher who sells zines on behalf of others, taking over the production of zines from a previous publisher or individual. An agent is not necessarily the sole seller.

Good Things

some pluses

  • what makes an agent a good one?
  • agents' benefit to fans

Not-So-Good Things

  • loss of control
  • possible mysterious bookkeeping


In the 1990s, Bill and Ann Hupe were sometimes the subject of complaints regarding cost and "ownership" of zines.

In 1997, Mysti Frank wrote an open letter to fandom, one which encouraged other fans to act on complaints she had about New Leaf Publications and the agent who took over Bill and Ann Hupe's zine empire. See Thief in Fandom.

In 2003, there were complaints about unauthorized publication of fan fiction, unauthorized editing of submitted stories, bootleg print runs of agented zines, and the production value of the zines themselves by Agent With Style. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5][6]

In 2008, a fan became upset when an agent sold Ducky's Pain and Bolo with unauthorized covers, something that generated discussion about what the role of an agent was. One quote: "...it is not an agents place at all to do something like that. They said an agent is like a babysitter, their job is to care for the baby not tattoo it." [7]

Examples of Zine Agents

Agenting Zines for Others at Cons

From Boldly Writing: 'In order to bring more fanzines, we [at BlooMN'Con in 1982] started the tradition of agenting fanzines at the convention for other editors. Conventions in future years picked up on this practice, and it is now fairly common."

A fan in 1993 had some opinions about zine agenting, expediency, convenience, and possible abuses of power:

I think it makes sense for a zine ed to make sure their zine makes it to as many cons as possible; we are most of us more willing to buy zines in person; especially from a relatively unknown publisher, or a publisher who has had problems in the past, no matter how much they say they have it all under control now, so it makes sense for say, Jenn & Christine, (Manacles Press) to give zines to Bill Hupe to sell at cons that they are not going to.

It makes less sense for him to mail order their zine, when they do their own mail order for less money...

Finally, to that other hand, it makes me uncomfortable. Actually, I get uncomfortable anytime I notice anyone doing so much in fandom that I worry they couldn't work a real job too. For example, I noticed recently that at the time of the big B7 flap, that Ann and Leah were way in the middle of, they were putting out many zines a year, selling merchandise, promising to make x cons a year... fandom was becoming their life. No wonder they ended up crazy.

It's not so much that I don't want people making money off of fandom. I don't suppose that Bill is making more than the amount that 5 other people doing the same stuff much more part time would be making. It is just that when a substantial part of your income comes from fandom, your attitude about it starts to change. It is the attitude change I fear.

Also, there is not essential reason why things should be concentrated into his hands. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Kandy Fong, and a few others put a *lot* of money into VCRs and other equipment. There is no reason why every fan should need that sort of equipment. I am willing to spend a little, in both increased tape cost, and in shoulder patting and egoboo-boosting, to encourage her and others to do that. I feel that it is essentially different with mail order, which after all, you don't have to have special equipment or be a rocket scientist to do (even though *I* couldn't do it. )(Well, not on time, anyway.) [8]


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