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You may be looking for Panopticon West, a US Doctor Who convention.

Name: Panopticon
Dates: 1978, probably others
Location: Imperial College, London
Focus: Doctor Who
Founding Date:
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Panopticon was a Doctor Who convention that was organised by the committee from the Dr Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) and was held at the Imperial College, London.

1978 program book cover
from the 1978 program book

For some additional information, see Robin Edmond's Convention Site.

1978 Guest Attendees

  • Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker
  • Nicholas Courtney : The Brigadier
  • Frazer Hines : Jamie
  • Jon Levene : Sgt Benton
  • Richard Franklin : Cpt Yates
  • K9 (John Leeson)
  • Carole Ann Ford : Susan
  • Wendy Padbury : Zoe
  • Elisabeth Sladen : Sarah-Jane
  • Mary Tamm : Romana


Con report

Billed as the World's premier Doctor Who convention, this year's Panopticon had a lot to live up to, and it succeeded admirably. The was an impressive guest list and the World Premiere showing of Downtime. The only disappointments were the price, the lack of a proper programme schedule, and the dealer's room. The two day convention fee was a hefty 39 pounds sterling (about $80 Canadian). I know they had a lot of guests, but they didn't have nearly the travelling expenses to bring guests to the con that North American conventions have. The extensive guest list included:

  1. Jon Pertwee, the third Doctor
  2. Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor
  3. Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor
  4. Nicholas Courtney, the Brigadier
  5. Deborah Watling, Victoria
  6. Caroline Shaw, Liz Shaw
  7. Liz Sladen, Sarah Jane Smith
  8. Louise Jameson, Leela
  9. John Leeson, the voice of K9
  10. John Nathan-Turner, producer of seasons 18 to 26
  11. Geoffrey Beevers, The Master
  12. Jack Watling, Professor Travers
  13. James Brie, guest actor
  14. Barry Letts, director
  15. Chris Barry, director
  16. Terence Dicks, scrip editor
  17. Marc Platt, writer
  18. Mike Tucker, Visual effects
  19. Paul McGuinness, visual effects
  20. Gary Russell, former editor of Doctor Who magazine.
  21. and more.[1]

A Con Report the Fifth Con

Panopticon 5 reviewed by Thomas Doran

Thomas describes the event which took place in Birmingham, the first outside of London and very successful event it was too. Episodes to see at the event were 'Prisoners Of Conciergerie', episode six of THE REIGN OF TERROR and THE DALEKS being shown over the weekend between interviews with: Terrance Dicks - who discussed the changes he had made to 'Meglos' for its novalisation, John Nathan Turner; Fiona Cumming and Peter Grimwade, explaining why The Master was disguised as Kaled ( yep, we still don't know! ); Peter Davison also graced the stage as did Douglas Camfield.

"after lunch while chatting with other attendees later on, I heard strong rumours that Jon Pertwee was going to come, I looked forward to the rest of the day with even more enthusiasm..." noted the reviewer.

Other interviews were conducted with Nicholas Courtney and John Levene followed by the showing of the video ' Jon Pertwee Extraordinare' ; "my earlier hopes were confirmed. Pertwee made his way up the isle admist the most authusiastic applause of the weekend. he strolled up to the interview desk and exclaimed in a booming voice 'I AM THE DOCTOR!'" Thomas ends his review with the idea that the event should be held every other year in London thus giving others outside of the City a chance to attend at various locations around the country.

An interview with Anthony Ainley: He ( Anthony Ainley ) worked with Geoffrey Beavers on THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN: Has he ever met or worked with the Master's other tv incarnations - Roger Delgado or Peter Pratt? "No, but I once sat next to Roger Delgado in a pub. We didn't know each other - I remember he was explaining VAT to a friend!" [2]


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