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Title: Bolo
Publisher: Carriage Hill Press, agented by Agent With Style
Date(s): 2008-2011
Medium: print
Fandom: NCIS
Language: English
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Bolo is a gen, het and slash NCIS anthology.

Some Conflict with the Agent

In 2008, the publisher became upset when an agent, Agent With Style, sold this zine, and one other title, with unauthorized covers, something that generated some discussion. [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Taz Titus

Bolo 1 is a gen and het NCIS anthology. It was published in 2008 and contains 40 pages. The cover is by Taz Titus. It has the subtitle, "The Team." From the publisher, "Suitable for teen and up, this zine focuses on short stories involving various team members. The stories range from humerous pieces about the team as a whole to dramatic ones involving various partnerships."

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Antoinette George

Bolo 2 is gen and slash and contains 90 pages. It was published in 2008. The cover is by Antoinette. It has the subtitle, "Gibbs/Ducky." From the publisher, this issue "contains slash tales about Jethro Gibbs and Donald Mallard. The stories range from first time ones to ones set during the Mexican hiatus as well as a full novella by Ashleigh Anipolova. Ashleigh's intriguing alternate universe novella is an alternate universe story set in London. What if Gibbs was a financial whiz kid and Ducky was only a barman? The attraction between the two men is instantaneous and intense, however, things are not straightforward, and before there can be a future Ducky has to overcome his instinctual distrust of people."

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Antoinette George

Bolo 3 is slash and gen and contains 70 pages. It includes a 9-page bonus preview of issue 4. It has the subtitle, "The Boss and the Lab." From the publisher, this issue "concentrates on the lab and autopsy staff (Ducky, Abby and Jimmy.) Many of the stories are Gibbs/Ducky."


Issue 4

Bolo 4 was published in April 2011 and contains 50 pages. This issue features Gibbs/DiNozzo slash with stories by YumYumPM, Georgiesmith and Cheekymice.

cover of issue #4
  • Some Rules Are Made to Be Broken by yumyumpm. If Tony isn't dead, why isn't he in his body? And why is Gibbs so upset?
  • Everlong by georgiesmith. Tony is hurting and Gibbs isn't going to leave him alone.
  • The Consequences of Jack by Cheekymice. When Tony gets drunk with the team, Gibbs gets moving
  • Just Another Day At the Office by Cheekymice. Tony-centric. Tony has to investigate the death of a little girl.


  1. I needs opinions or at least to stop being incandescently mad; reference link