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You may be looking for The Periwinkle Ball, a Shadow Chasers zine.

Name: Periwinkle
Alias(es): Susan
Type: fanzine publisher
Communities: mfu_shortstorie, mfuficfind, mfu_weekly
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Periwinkle was a fanzine publisher who published MUNCLE and NCIS zines under the name of Carriage Hill Press.

She played a significant role in the Livejournal MUNCLE fan community, establishing and maintaining numerous LJ communities such as mfu_shortstorie (link), mfuficfind (a fic finder community) (link), and mfu_weekly (a newsletter) (link).

She also managed numerous fandom databases, including

  • database of Live Journal MUNCLE stories by author
  • database of Live Journal MUNCLE stories by title
  • database of Live Journal MUNCLE videos
  • Guide to reference sources - a guide originally for betas to use for grammar but which now also has items for authors. Good for background, canon, word usage and many other things.
  • Guide to language helpers. A database on mfuwss that tells you who to contact when you need help using a language. It has an amazing number of languages and cultures listed.
  • Expertise Database on mfuwss: Got an esoteric question? Out of your depth? Need background or resource for a story.

She passed on June 14 2012[1] in a car accident.[2]


  • "[She] was one of the kindest, most welcoming and giving people around. Instead of dwelling on her personal misfortunes she turned outwards, choosing instead to live her life with joy and humor and creativity. She was a primary face of Man from UNCLE fandom, welcoming newcomers, beta reading, running communities and generally being a mainstay of our fandom. She was also a jokester of the first order, knowledgeable about all kinds of esoteric things, loved Weird Al, took pride in her beloved resurgent Cleveland, and most of all, was mother to two wonderful daughters who adored her."[3]
  • In memory of Periwinkle dated June 20, 2012[4]
  • "The death of periwinkle could serve as a reminder for all of us. This existence we call life is fragile, short and can be over literally in a heartbeat. I, personally and professionally, believe that our life ends when it's supposed to. I think, maybe, Susan would be pleased if we chose to use the news of her passing to prompt us into remembering: don't wait, do it today. Tell people you love them, tell them why and how they make your life richer. Don't put off doing things until you're thinner, richer, less busy. Close your eyes right now, take a deep breath and live in the moment. LIVE NOW."[5]
  • "Periwinkle was a most welcoming person when I joined fan fiction. She was always helpful and kind to me."[6]
  • "We are all feeling a loss, of course, especially here on LJ where Susan established and ran many of the neighborhoods in our MFU community. There’s a big hole left ---a sort of gaping wound, actually --- that will be difficult to fill. It reminded me of when Marion McCheshney died suddenly of a heart attack back in 1989. She’d been an important editor/publisher of MFU slash zines, very friendly and maternal and was much loved. It was a huge loss to say the least. Years ago, I got into a heated argument with another academic at a conference over whether an Internet community is a “true” community. Of course it is, I told her. So many of us never meet each other in person, never hear each other’s voices, and yet, we are indeed friends and pretty good ones at that. We read each other’s entries, comments and stories. We know more details about each other’s lives than we know of our flesh and blood neighbors. We laugh together, cry together, celebrate together and mourn together. Certainly that’s true for me."[7]
  • "She shined brightly, both in fandom and in her life."[8]


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