Holiday Sensations

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Title: Holiday Sensations
Publisher: Shillelagh Press
Date(s): December 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Holiday Sensations is a 114-page gen anthology with a cover by TACS. Interior art by KOZ, Peej, Stephanie and Kay Lynne. Holiday stories and poetry by Sheila Paulson, Tapu, Susan Williams, Katherine A. Ring, Kay Lynne, Anonymeek, R'rain Prior, Gabrielle, Bessey, Debbie Pack, and Legion.

  • Snow Angels by Anonymeek
  • What Child is This? by R'rain Prior
  • The Christmas Guest by Kay Lynne (with Burnaby)
  • Holiday Lights by Gabrielle Bessey
  • The Tree by Debbie Pack
  • The Gift by Debbie Pack
  • A Christmas Miracle by Sheila Paulson
  • Reflections by Legion
  • filksong, poetry, & art!
cover by TACS

Reactions and Reviews

[A Christmas Miracle]: The summary says "It's Jim and Blair's first Christmas together but Jim is playing the part of Scrooge." Of course, you know that that isn't going to last (otherwise what would be the point of writing the story?) but I liked the way that it wasn't too easy. No flip of a magic switch suddenly zapped Jim with the Christmas Spirit. Which is why I actually disliked the epilogue because... it robbed the miracle of its realism. But apart from that, this was really good -- good Jim and Blair, and the interaction of people and how we affect those around us, for good and bad. [1]


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