Flight Log of the Atlantis

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Title: Flight Log of the Atlantis
Publisher: Otter Limits Press
Medium: print
Fandom: Original Fiction/Science Fiction
Language: English
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Flight Log of the Atlantis is a gen anthology of science fiction.

From On the Double: "A zine which covers the adventures of the GSS-Atlantis, and the OmniGalactic Federation Exploration Vessel. Each zine includes one or two 'episodes.' If you enjoy Star Trek or Star Wars, you should enjoy this zine, set in a similar universe. Great characters, lots of adventures, romance, and sticky situations."

Issue 1

Flight Log of the Atlantis 1

Issue 2

Flight Log of the Atlantis 2 was published in 1993 and contains 138 pages. Art by Arvey, PJ Alexander, Tami Marie Alexander, June Drexler-Robertson, and Stuart Robertson.

cover of issue #2
  • "Never Say Die" by TM Alexander
  • "All Light That Shines" by June Drexler-Robertson
  • "Stomach of Steel" by Debbie Rojano
  • "Guns in the Sky" by PJ Alexander
  • "Hope for the Best" by Cyndy Haywood
  • other unknown content

Issue 3

Flight Log of the Atlantis 3 was published on or around 1995.