Transitions (MacGyver zine)

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Title: Transitions
Author(s): Jane Freitag
Cover Artist(s): Karen Pauli
Illustrator(s): no interior illos
Date(s): 1993
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: MacGyver
Language: English
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Transitions is a gen 118-page novel by Jane Freitag. It has a sequel, New Beginnings.

Summary from the author: "Whenever we make a major change in our life, we go through a transition. One of the biggest changes made in Angus MacGyver's life was when he discovered he had a son. He added to that another change when he quit the Phoenix Foundation. This novella relates the story of the weeks following the final episode of the series, and what transitions Mac went through because of those changes. Ride with Mac and Sam on an adventure that gives Mac a peek into his son's past and leads him into a nightmare."