Gemini (Sentinel zine)

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Title: Gemini
Publisher: The Presses
Author(s): TM Alexander
Cover Artist(s): KOZ
Illustrator(s): KOZ
Date(s): September 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by KOZ
flyer printed in Transience

Gemini is a novel by TM Alexander. There is a slash and a gen version. The art is by KOZ. The slash version has 223 pages.


From the publisher's flyer:
Eleven members of an apparent suicide cult are found every ten years. When a new group of bodies is found in Cascade, Det. Jim Ellison finds himself embroiled in an investigation where all clues point to The Gemini Path, an educational retreat operating in the mountains. Jim is adamant when his partner, anthropologist Blair Sandburg, volunteers to go in as an observer; it causes a rift between them that goes unresolved as the young man sets off on his mission. Sandburg soon becomes easy prey for the Gemini Path's recruiters. Before he realizes it, they uncover the secrets of his insecurity, as well as his desire for love and acceptance. As they use the knowledge to change the course of his loyalty and feed his doubts, Blair begins to believe the promises of the retreat's charismatic leader, Solomon Polaris, until he loses track of his original mission. Meanwhile, Jim is making a few discoveries about Sandburg; what he learns forces him to do some deep soul searching but does he stand a chance of winning Blair back from Solomon? Or has he lost him completely to the seduction of a sophisticated serial killer?
From a distributor, Agent With Style:
Blair infiltrates a murderous cult at Simon's request. Can Jim rescue his Guide before Blair joins 10 other 'Chosen Ones' on their journey...into death?

Reactions and Reviews

This is a wonderfully written, very intriguing story. T.M. has done a superb job of exploring how cults operate; how a charismatic leader can exploit human weaknesses to serve their own purpose. In this extremely well-written story Blair joins a cult in an undercover capacity in an effort to stop more members from dying. The cult leader recognizes Blair's weaknesses and uses that against him. Jim has to "kidnap" Blair from the cult and seeks help to "deprogram" him. T.M. did a great job with this part as well. This isn't a "weak" Blair story, though. Blair shows surprising strength of character once he learns just how much support he really does have. Great angsty, first-time story. [1]
The story opens with a mass suicide of cult members. I liked the story a lot. We have a very lonely, sad and unloved Blair for most of it. In fact if there was one thing that bothered me, it was Jim and Blair being separated during 3/4 of the story. (I'm probably exaggerating.)... I really did love this zine. It's one that grabs your attention and doesn't let you relax until it's all over with. Nerve wracking comes to mind... The drawings all through it are by Koz. They are just wonderful. I've never read TM Alexander or seen any art by Koz, so this was indeed a fantastic treat [2]


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