L.A. Knights

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Title: L.A. Knights
Editor(s): B.N. Fish
Date(s): 2002-2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch/Nick Knight
Language: English
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L.A. Knights is a Starsky and Hutch and Nick Knight crossover slash anthology with fiction by B.N. Fish.


Summary from Agent With Style: "In this fascinating crossover novel mixing the movie Nick Knight and Starsky and Hutch, B.N. Fish shows what can happen when two seasoned detectives finally meet a new detective who has been working the night shift. If it weren't for Nick, Starsky and Hutch might never have gotten involved in the society of vampires and met the King of Vampires — but then again, if it weren't for Nick, they might not have survived, either. Faced with life-altering choices and under Nick's mentorship, both Starsky and Hutch must make heavy decisions, knowing that 'death' doesn't always mean staying dead, and that 'life' will never be the same."

Issue 1

L.A. Knights 1 is labeled pre-slash and has 210 pages. It was published in October 2002. Cover and interior art is by Virginia Sky.

cover of issue #1, Virginia Sky
  • Judge and Jury
  • Instincts (14 pages) (reprinted from Good Guys Wear Fangs #1)
  • Choices (20 pages) (reprinted from Good Guys Wear Fangs #1)
  • Lessons (31 pages) (reprinted from Good Guys Wear Fangs #5)
  • Presentation (33 pages) (reprinted from Good Guys Wear Fangs #5)
  • Allies (16 pages)
  • Gettin' There (24 pages)
  • Meetings (23 pages)
  • Summons (19 pages)
  • Secrets (26 pages)
  • Timeline (1 page)

Issue 2

L.A. Knights 2 is slash and has 224 pages. It was published in May 2003. The front cover is by KOZ and other art is by Virginia Sky.

Description by Flamingo:
This novel is the second volume follows the lives of Starsky & Hutch, their friend, the vampire Nick Knight, and various other vampire characters they must confront. Hutch was turned into a vampire's slave in the first volume and could only be rescued by becoming an actual vampire. Starsky, his partner, has accepted this change in their lives, and continues to be Hutch's best friend and partner as they struggle to accept their changes in fortune. But their extremely close friendship puts Starsky in danger not just from other vampires, but even from Hutch himself, and in this volume the time has come for him to accept the vampire's life if he is going to continue to stay by Hutch's side. All during this Nick Knight, a vampire trying to renounce his murderous past by helping humanity as a detective, has to struggle with the power games from other vampires, and his own grief over his past life. [1]
  • Decisions--Right after "Summons", a half hour after "Secrets" begins. Making that decision isn't easy. (45 pages)
cover of issue #2, KOZ
  • Starsky's Turn--Starsky's First Night as a vampire includes his Presentation to Morgan and telling Huggy the truth about him and Hutch. (34 pages)
  • Revelations--Right after "Secrets". Morgan learns of some of the powerful men in Nick's life. (50 pages)
  • Changes--Starsky and Hutch retire after 27 years as cops. But they still aren't done learning. (58 pages)
  • Gimme Shelter--Morgan entrusts Nick with his most valuable treasure, and Nick turns to Starsky and Hutch for help in keeping it safe. (36 pages)
  • Timeline (1 page)


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