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You may be looking for the vampire-themed con Prisoners of the Knight.

Title: Prisoners of the Night
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Editor(s): Alayne Gelfand
Date(s): 1987-1999
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Prisoners of the Night is a het and slash vampire anthology originally titled "Children of the Night."

There were eleven issues.

flyer from Datazine #55 for three of the issues

This zine was unique in that it paid its contributors.

A 1992 Submission Request

From a submission request for the sixth issue, published in On the Double #23:
Original characters only (no media related characters). Only vampire themes. Erotic/sensuous of either homosexual or heterosexual nature is acceptable. No gore or sex for sex sake. Unique visions of the vampire are sought. No standard "counts" or "countesses"! Send SASE for guidelines. Pays one cent per word of fiction. $2.00 per poem, art fee negotiable. All submissions <must> include a SASE. Deadline for #6 is April 1, 1992. [1]

2014 Comments from the Editor

I still love the process [of fanfic]. I love the editing. I love taking authors who could barely put words on the page and having them just soar. I also did a semi-professional non-fan publication called Prisoners of the Night, which was an erotic vampire anthology of original characters. I had a couple of people come in very early on who were, y'know, shy and retiring about doing— And they're now professional publishers, I mean writers. One of them actually dedicated her book to me. Which was so sweet, and so fulfilling. You know, I'm kind of in the mother role, almost the grandmother role, now. So it's reversed, when I— I came in real young, and now I've got a couple of young friends who are just getting into stuff. [2]

Issue 1

cover issue #1, cover by Gayle F.. The publisher was inspired to approach Gayle for the cover after seeing her artwork in Out of Bounds.

Prisoners of the Night 1 contains 156 spiral bound pages and was published in 1987. Two color cover by Gayle F.

The characters of Tom and Clarisse from "Of Vampires and Gentlemen" appear in issue #8 of The Holmesian Federation.

  • In Darkness by Dwight E. Humphries
  • Vampire Watcher by Wendy Rathbone
  • Lamia by Dallance McCasland
  • The Ties That Bind by Peter S. Gilmore
  • Of a Time by A.L. Hughes
  • One More Customer by Wayne Rile Williams
  • Of Vampires and Gentlemen by A.R. Morlan (" A lonely vampire meets the most intriguing man of his long life and vast experience; a man who is a vampire of a different kind — In contemporary 1980s San Diego, a young woman discovers the hidden secrets of the mesmerizing man she’s met at a local bar and yearns to become part of that mystery — An eternally young woman searches the centuries and the continents for that which she found elusive in life; for her other half, for a touch of happiness, for herself — At a gay bar in Soho, England, a young man runs into mystery, sensuality, vampirism and love — The rape of a young woman results in a strangely wondrous birth, beauty, love, fulfillment, and tragedy — Meet Tom Chapman, a stable boy in rural England near the turn of the century who encounters Clarisse, a sophisticated, beautiful woman from the continent who is much more than she at first appears to be...")
  • No Choice At All by Sue-Anne Hartwick
  • The Night Keeper by Alayne Gelfand
  • The Dark Side of the Sun by S. Warner
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

This fanzine delivers everything promised. Being an avid Vampire fan, I just couldn't resist picking up this gem at Media*West... The first story, Vampire Weather [sic?], is a chilling tale set in the city of San Diego. here we meet Tavia, a lonely, unhappy woman who longs for more. She meets and falls in love with Durand 'enduring one.' Everyone calls him Dante, and Tavia knows he has come for her. The writing in this story really comes to life as we are guided, very carefully thru their relationship. Rathbone allows you to experience the utter lonliness that Dante feels. The helplessness of their relationship is both touching and cold. I really enjoyed this story even though I knew that Tavia and Dante could never have a 'human' relationship... 'The Ties that Bind' is your more typical vampire tale. We find Jack and Alice out in the a back alley arguing with each other arguing about Jack's friends. He drunk and becomes abusive towards her. Jack is left out in the alley alone... or so you would think. A stranger has been watching everything. He speaks with Jack in a soothing tone and empathises with him. Jack feels safe and comforted as he dies happily. So who was that stranger and what about Alice? Only the reader will find out! 'Of a Time' is an exciting tale of a young student, Anthony Tennello, who is doing research for a beautiful woman named Genevieve. She is trying to mark and catalog historical articles. He applies for the part-time job and gets it. As is is going through some of the items, he runs across a diary written partially in English and French. As he begins to read the diary, he is taken by several entries. He slowly starts to unravel a tale of love and death. As he begins to put two and two together, he realizes that that the woman in the diary, and the one he is working for are one and the same. The only problem is that the diary was written in 1782. A wonderful story with a somewhat surprising ending. 'The Night Keeper' is probably one of my most favorite stories in the zine. It is a beautifully woven tale about a woman named Kaare. She is different -- she knows this, and she doesn't mind. You read about her initiation into vampirism, about her first lover and teacher, and about her having to leave. This is a very sensuous story, lovingly played out, and very exciting. My choice for Best of Zine. 'The Dark Side of the Sun' is a tale of love and incest. Raped by a vampire, she gives birth to a vampire son. She finds small animals during the day for him to feed on, and he grows into a handsome young man. He begins to have feelings for her that he can't understand, and one evening he makes love with her and transforms her into a vampire like himself. They become lovers and are quite happy with each other. As the years pass, he notices she is not as content as she once was. She longs to see the sunshine and daylight. She makes her decision, and eventually, so does he. Very nicely written. There are several other stories in the zine. Each story is unique and explores all sides of being a vampire. I was really impressed by the diversity of each story in this zine. The layout is clean, the graphics are perfectly matched with each story, and the artwork and poetry are well-mixed throughout the zine. I would recommend this zine to anyone interested in this area. [3]

Issue 2

Prisoners of the Night 2 contains 144 spiral bound pages and was published in July 1988. It has a cover by Marilyn Cole.

cover issue #2, by Marilyn Cole -- this image scan is from the publisher's web page
cover of issue #2, appears to be a reprint, publisher unknown (possibly the original creator)
  • Waking The Vampire by Wendy Rathbone: (Alexis is young, Alexis is newly a vampire. Valerian is there to help & guide him, to introduce him to the ways of their kind... to the delights, to the privileges, and to the horrors.)
  • Dream Journal by John Soule (A series of dreams after his wife's death has started Thomas O'Keefer writing in a journal of his own nocturnal wanderings.)
  • Plus fiction, poetry & art by: Baylor Adams, Leo Bigley, Taerie Bryant, Cathy Buburuz, William Crook, Cathy Deaubl, Michael Drax, Alayne Gelfand, John Grey, Sue-Ann Hartwick, Stefanie Kate Hawks, Caro Hedge, Robin Hood, Dwight Humphries, Robert Jamison, Alfred Klosterman, Hugh Knox, Suzan Lovett, Cybel Harper, Anne Kay Schwaeder, Marge Simon, Chris Soto.

Issue 3

Prisoners of the Night 3 was published in 1989 and contains 120 perfect bound pages. Artwork by John Borkowski, M. B. Simon, K. Lidenmoth, Ann Mara McConachy, A. Kosterman, Ree Young, Marilyn Cole, and Gayle F.

cover of issue #3
  • Three on Montague by John Grey
  • Whatever Happened to Candice? by Baylor Adams
  • The Language of the Hot Plates by Sonia and Naomi Hughes
  • A Terrible Fruit by Alayne Gelfand
  • Love and Forgiveness by Wendy Rathbone
  • More Rare Than Blood by Della Van Hise
  • The Better Feast by Dan Persons
  • Nightchild by Cathy Buburuz
  • The Witch of Hearts by Alayne Gelfand
  • Heartburn by Robin Hood
  • other unknown content

Issue 4

Prisoners of the Night 4 was published in 1990.

cover issue #4, cover by Marilyn Cole
  • Poetry: Moon Goddess by Wendy Rathbone, art by Janet DuPuy
  • Fiction: The Demon by Taerie Bryant, art by Tristan Alexander
  • other unknown content

Issue 5

Prisoners of the Night 5 was published in 1991. Cover by KOZ.

cover of issue #5, KOZ
  • Poetry: My Love Comes Dressed Only in Eternity by Charlee Jacob, art by Bridget McCoy
  • Fiction: Loose Change by Kay Reynolds, art by Marilyn Cole
  • other unknown content

Issue 6

Prisoners of the Night 6 was published in 1992 and contains 82 pages.

It has art by M. B. Simon, Alfred Kosterman, Ree Young, Marilyn Cole, Donald Schank, Jim Garrison, Cathy Buburuz, Willilam Carr, Debra Ostrokolowicz, Janet Dupuy, Eugene Gryniewicz, and Cathy Miller Burgoyne.

cover of issue #6, Janet DuPuy
  • The Ophelias, fiction by Charlee Jacob, art by Cathy Miller Burgoyne
  • Welcome to the Dream, fiction by F. A. McMahan
  • The Sybarite, fiction by Taerie Bryant
  • Why We Shun Reflection, Why We Fear the Light, fiction by Charles M. Sapiak
  • Nightlovers' Tour of London, fiction by Lorraine A. Jean
  • The Lady Wore Black, fiction by Charles A. Gramlich
  • Stand Not Alone Against Eternity, fiction by Ash Clayton
  • The Petrified Man, poem by Jacie Ragan, art by Alfred Kosterman
  • other unknown content

Issue 7

cover issue #7, cover by Marilyn Cole

Prisoners of the Night 7 was published in 1993 and contains 86 pages.

From Media Monitor: "Original character erotic vampire fiction and poetry by Nancy Kilpatrick, James S. Sorr, Taerie Bryant, Charlee Jacob, Della Van Hise, and more. Art by DuPay, Farver, Klosterman, Garrison, Gryniewicz, Kucharski, McCoy, Simon and more. Full cover cover by Marilyn Cole."

  • Poetry: The Perseid Lights by Gary J. Whitehead, art by Bridget McCoy
  • Fiction: The Cold of Snow & Ghosts by Charles A. Gramlich, art by M.B. Simon
  • other unknown content

Issue 8

Prisoners of the Night 8 was published in 1994.

cover of issue #8, Janet DuPuy
  • Poetry: Husks by Wendy Rathbone, art by Bridget McCoy
  • Fiction: Warm Red Shadows by Sonia & Naomi Hughes, art by Michael Kucharski
  • other unknown content

In one story, a blind sculptress needs a subject; working the graveyard shift should be a breeze for a vampire until rowdy teenagers come along; the Dust Bowl could make a make a man see many strange and wonderful things...

Issue 9

Prisoners of the Night 9 was published in 1995. Full Color cover by Michael Apice. Features Wendy Rathbone, Taerie Bryant, Sonia & Naomi Hughes, Charlee Jacob. Charles Gramlich, A.R.Morlan, Delia Van Hise, and many more."

cover of issue #9, Michael Apice
  • Poetry: Washing the Dark by Corrine DeWinter, art by Darren Cerone
  • Fiction: Kiss of the Black Angel by Della Van Hise, art by Janet DuPuy
  • other unknown content

Issue 10

Prisoners of the Night 10 was published in 1997 and contains 96 pages. It has art by Eugene Gryneiwicz, Alfred Klosterman, Gary McClusky, M.B. Simon, Tippi N. Blevins, Ree Young, Alayne, Michael Apice, R. Dahlstrom, Cathy Buburuz, Charles Fallis, Charles Thompson, Jeff Haas, Bob Crouch, Bridget A. McCoy, Jim Garrison, and Darren Cerone.

cover of issue #10, Bridget A. McCoy
  • The Tattooist by Tippi N. Blevins (3)
  • Icarus's Bride by Elizabeth Wein (4)
  • Orphans of the Moon by Cathryn Pisarki (5)
  • The Blooding Cage by Rhonda Eikamp (7)
  • Vampyre Land: Blueprints by Della Van Hise (12)
  • The Wounding by Lynda Malm (13)
  • Relics by Charlee Jacob (18)
  • A Vampire Lover by Wendy Rathbone (19)
  • Mythology by Corrine DeWinter (20)
  • Samaritan by Tom Piccirilli (21)
  • The Show -- Back Stage (25)
  • Ghost Town by Della Van Hise (26)
  • Love Sucks by Adam Meyer (27)
  • A Vampire's Playground by Bobbi Sinha (33)
  • Nosferatu Appears as a Black Hole by Ann K. Schwader (34
  • Hades and Persephone by Holly Riggenbach (35)
  • Autumn Foundling by Wendy Rathbone (37)
  • Red in the Language of Night by Charlee Jacob (42)
  • Tatiana by B. Kim Meyer (43)
  • Reptiles by Wendy Rathbone (45)
  • Lake by John Grey (46)
  • Vessel for the Holy by Charles A. Gramlich (47)
  • House Guest: Campfires by Della Van Hise (52)
  • Mark of a Dreamer by Tippi N. Blevins (53)
  • Blood Letters by Ann K. Schwader (60)
  • Gypsy Moon, Father Moon (61)
  • Vampire Meditation by Wendy Rathbone (62)
  • The Starry Night by Charlee Jacob (63)
  • After the Evening Swim by Karen Oyerly (65)
  • Husks by Wendy Rathbone
  • Falling in the Garden of Angels by Tippi N. Blevins
  • The Morning After by Della Van Hise
  • The Bone-Birds by Johannah Kincaid (81)
  • Japanese Dance by Corrine DeWinter (82)
  • Ambrosia by Natasha Solten (83)
  • Vampyre Communion: The Dark Red Mass by Della Van Hise (87)
  • Weeping Infinite by Steve Rogers (88)
  • A Night at the Symphonic by Margaret B. Simon
  • Dance by Eric Alessandri (90)
  • Presently the Horses Began to Scream by Susan Maurer (91)
  • Music Review (92)
  • Biographies (93)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

Prisoners of the night is compiled of many authors, included in the book

are some very unique stories as well as some very inventive poems.

Rather then tell a lot about all the stories and poems I will tell just a bit about the stories. The poems you must buy and read for yourself as the meaning of poems can sometimes be subjective. There are stories of all varieties and places in history. These stories are unique to themselves. One of the contributing authors is Della Van Hise author of Ragged Angels.

ORPHANS OF THE MOON by Cathryn Pisarki: This is a very short but interesting story of two vampires seeking the other in order to feed. I found it very entertaining and original.

THE BLOODING CAGE by Rhonda Eikamp: The story starts out with a diary excerpt from a man studying Gargoyle IV vampires. This is a professor searching out vampires to prove their existence only with a twist. Will he capture the vampire and display the last of their kind? Or will he be the one displayed as one of the last existing of his kind? This all happens in the future and is a case of the hunter becoming the prey.

THE WOUNDING by Linda Malm: Guiseppe and Petrus are vampires that like to bring their food home once in awhile. While Petrus is away on business Gui has some food they caught looked in a closet. Only this time Gui finds out she is blind and ends up caring for her. The whole time Petrus is away Gui and the girl form a growing relationship. Only things don't always turn out for the best. This short story could become heart wrenching if you really got into it.

SAMARITAN by Tom Piccirilli: A undercover police officer gets found out by a mob boss, but when he is shot he finds help from a very unusual source.

LOVE SUCKS by Adam Meyer: This story is a humorous and entertaining look at the problems three werewolves and a vampire have when their car breaks down in small out of the way town.

HADES AND PERSEPHONE by Holly Riggenbach: A unique retelling of the story between Persephone and Hades.

AUTUMN FOUNDLING by Wendy Rathbone: This is a future world after all the wars where boys and girls are separated from their parents and each other from very young, and told to control their most inner impulses, mainly the sexual ones. The world's nature is just beginning to rebuild itself. A young girl stumbles across a vampire and learns some of the most forbidden passions.

TATIANA by B. Kim Meyer: A woman is kept from the man she is supposed to meet. Her family thinks she is just delusional due to illness. She pines for her midnight lover until she is old. Still she does not give up waiting.

VESSEL FOR THE HOLY by Charles A. Gramlich: This is a very different look at Judas and Jesus, and what they actually were. This story will definitely make you think. The story involves a nun, a vampire named Kainja, his real identity and the identity of the child that the nun bore. It will give a whole new meaning to the words Jesus said at the last supper. This is definitely one of my favorite stories.

MARK OF A DREAMER by Tippi N. Blevins: A vampire artist and tattooist becomes linked to a deaf and mute human woman tattooist through dreams. Through their connection they are both able to help one another.

THE STARRY NIGHT by Charlee Jacob: A mental patient comes face to face with a female vampire. This is no normal mental patient but Vincent Van Gogh himself. She gives him some insight into things to come.

HUSKS by Wendy Rathbone: This is a very short story. Basically it is about the love a male vampire for the weaker males that he tries to turn but they never live long.

THE MORNING AFTER by Della Van Hise: This story is a shorter partial version of her book Ragged Angels.

AMBROSIA by Natasha Solten: This is the last story of the book. It is a very erotic and somewhat graphic telling of a male vampire meeting a male of another species. This male of another species lures the vampire to his house and they have sex. In the end the male reveals who he really is and teaches the vampire a sense of acceptance like he has never felt before. [4]

Issue 11

Prisoners of the Night 11 was published in 1999, cover photography by D. Van Hise.

cover of issue #11, D. Van Hise
  • Poetry: Vampire Children by Wendy Rathbone, art by Cathy Buburuz
  • Fiction: The All-Night Café by Charlee Jacob ("In the antiseptic existence of the cyber world, a woman finds a human connection and reconsiders her choices — At the close of the Civil War, a woman struggles to understand her new life, aided by a rare, beautiful and magickal gift — Some survive the transformation into the century France, a police officer tracks a serial killer through the salons of the Impressionist painters — Bant protected the dead from the Ghouls but little did he think he would ever be tricked by one of them — She knew the vampires were leaving, she just didn’t understand why — Woman, artist, vampire hunter, who would ever have guessed she would fall under the spell of one of the creatures — The ghosts where there and, even though he couldn’t see them, he knew the vampire he served could and did — A lonely vampire meets a mysterious woman and, together, the worst parts of their lives fall into place…")
  • other unknown content


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