Herne's Son

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Title: Herne's Son
Editor(s): Linda Patterson
Date(s): 1988-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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note regarding slash material from the editor in issue #2, click to read

Herne's Son is an adult het Robin of Sherwood anthology that ran five issues. It was edited by Linda Patterson.

Its Comment on Content

From the editorial in issue #2: "The adult material in this magazine is being done with the knowledge and permission of Richard Carpenter. 'Herne's Son' was conceived as a magazine largely for the publication of RoS material of an adult nature, although stories from any fantasy universe (RoS included) will be accepted and need not be of an adult nature. However, since RoS fandom was made possible by the imagination and efforts of Richard Carpenter, in accordance of his wishes, we will not be accepting or publishing stories involving 'slash' (homosexual) encounters. It is, after all, his universe."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Debbie Linn, the standard run
cover of issue #1, the hand-colored run

Herne's Son 1 was published in Spring 1988. It contains 88 pages. Besides the original print run, there were also fifteen copies made that included hand-colored illustrations and the editor and all staff members' autographs.

  • Beginnings by Debbie Linn (1)
  • Marion's Creed by Maddog (8)
  • Robin's Lament by Debbie Linn !10)
  • Culture Clash by L. Patterson (11)
  • Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne (29)
  • The Socreress by Terri Halasz (39)
  • Herne by L. Patterson (53)
  • Robin Hood and Allan a Dale (58)
  • Herne 2 by Debbie Linn and David Locher (62)
  • Interlude by L. Patterson (69)
  • Study in Scarlet by Debbie Linn (72)
  • The Price by Helen Avry (73)
  • One Castle for Rent: Cheap by Debbie Linn (87)
  • cover and all art by Debbie Linn

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Debbie Linn

Herne's Son 2 was published in Fall 1988. It contains 138 pages.

  • My Lady's Love by Debbie Linn (2)
  • Snow Covered Innocence by Maddog (5)
  • Bride of the Hooded Man by R. I. Warkworth (7) (7)
  • Robin Hood and the Monk (12)
  • Creatures and the Monk by Debbie Linn (21)
  • The Forest by Maddog (33)
  • Nightwatch by L. Patterson (34)
  • Sherwood by Janet P. Reedman (35)
  • Ladies of the Shadows by Debbie Linn (36)
  • Dark Eyes by Debbie Linn (45)
  • Herne' Sons by Debbie Linn (47)
  • Nothing's Forgotten by Julie Phipps (48)
  • The New Hero by David Locher (49)
  • Desert Son by Debbie Linn (51)
  • Gotham by Maddog (53)
  • A Gest of Robyn Hood (58)
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham by Debbie Linn (75)
  • If Things Were Different by Terri Halaz (77)
  • The Possessor by Julie Phipps (80)
  • Gisburne Talks to a Wall by Maddog (96)
  • Mirror, MIrror by D. Linn and David Locher (97)
  • The Witch of Ravensburgh by Janet P. Reedman (112)
  • art by Vicki Brinkmeier, Tom Clarke, M. Gadzik, D. Linn (cover), Paulie

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Vickie Brinkmeier

Herne's Son 3 was published in Summer 1989 and contains 165 pages.

Note: Table of Contents is very faint, and what is transcribed below may have multiple errors.

  • A Child's Eyes by Debbie Linn (1)
  • Nightmare by Julie Phipps (3)
  • Beitein the First by Jeanine Hennig (6)
  • Swordplay by Rache (24)
  • Bloodline by Todd Parrish (64)
  • Eragard's Cross by Janet Reedman (76)
  • Enchantment by Janet Reedman (91)
  • Witches Brew by Debbie Linn (92)
  • Lilith's Song to Azeal by D. Linn (96)
  • Worst of Luck by Janet Reedman (97)
  • Robin in the Hood by Julie Phipps (99)
  • My Ladies Love 2 by Debbie Linn (99)
  • Robin by Debbie Linn (102)
  • Robert by Debbie Linn (103)
  • Memories by Kylie Kay Jackson (104)
  • A Gest of Robyn Hode by Irad (105)
  • Cromm Cruaich by Irad (120)
  • Whisper (Cromm Cruai) by Julie Phipps (123)
  • The Sherriff's Shadow by Julie Phipps (123)
  • Sorceress by Kathy Taylor and Julie Phipps (124)
  • Home by Julie Phipps (132)
  • The Sctahelock Ways by Julie Phips (133)
  • The Swordmaiden by Debbie Linn (135)
  • Winter Solstice by Janet P. Reedman (147)
  • Poetic Licence by [unreadable] (158)
  • art by Vickie Brinkmeier (cover), David Chamberlain, Tom Clarke, and Debbie Linn

Issue 4

Herne's Son 4 was published in 1990.

  • The Black Arrow by Cindy Fairbanks
  • other unknown content

Issue 5

Herne's Son 5 was published in 1992.

  • unknown content