The Silver Arrow

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Title: The Silver Arrow
Publisher: Julie Phipps, Kathy Taylor, and Jacquie Groom
Date(s): 1988-1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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cover of issue #5

The Silver Arrow is a gen Robin of Sherwood anthology.

Issue 1

The Silver Arrow 1 was published in 1988. It was edited by Julie Phipps and Kathy Taylor.

flyer for issue #1

The artist is Tom Clarke. One of the illos by Clarke appears in Herne's Son #2.

  • The Possessor by Julie Phipps ("One of the greatest enemies has returned! The Baron de Bellerne, what's he up to? What are his plans? Will Elspeth of Loxley remain his servant of darkness, or will she become an outlaw of the forest?") (reprinted from Herne's Son)
  • Robin Said Something Like That Once by Daisy Lueng ("A short story that takes place after the death of Loxley.")
  • The Scathlock Days by Julie Phipps ("A short story about Will Scarlet.")
  • The Sorceress by Kathy Taylor and Julie Phipps ("Tanith, a woman with unforetold powers. She uses her power to conjure up a demon of the dark. She requires a child sacrifice to complete her evil deed. A nice of Edward of Wickham soon finds herself in need of help from Robin in the Hood.")
  • Nothing's Forgotten, poem by Julie Phipps (reprinted in Herne's Son #2)
  • The Possessor, poem by Julie Phipps (reprinted in Herne's Son #2)
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham, poem by Julie Phipps (reprinted in Herne's Son #2)
  • poems by Janet Reedman
  • articles
  • other unknown content

Issue 2

The Silver Arrow 2 was published in May 1989.

  • Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream by D. Linn (award-winning story at the Scorpio con in the US) ("The stretches of Sherwood lay beneath him. Stretching his wings, Robin soared ever higher, where the air grows thin and sunlight sparkled on his golden feathers. He was lord over all he surveyed.")
  • Nothing is Forgotten by Robert W. Gardinar ("The figure strode toward with a stately gait; his whole manner was one of solemn dignity. The boy shook and trembled as he recalled the legends of the huntsman who had been cruelly slain and condemned to haunt the forest. Until this moment he had not believed them.")
  • A Crusader's Daughter by Julie Phipps ("Not even Herne the Nunter, Lord of [unclear word] could have saved him. He was killed by the Sheriff's men, his blood rising with the red-tint of the sun-set.")
  • The Broken Sword by Janet P. Woodman ("Aye, for the owner of the castle was known to be a sorcerer: Odo, the illegitimate son of Simon de Bellman (?). [unclear two words] for his father had warped him beyond sanity. He worshipped Simon's dark image, yet hated that his father had no use for him, the child of a minor witch-maid long sacrificed to Azael.")
  • poems by Janet P. Reedman, Elizabeth Everett, D. Linn, Lucy Leung
  • fiction by Daisy and Lucy Leung
  • art by Tom Clark

Issue 3

The Silver Arrow 3 was published in 1990 and contains 40 pages. It has fiction by Janet P. Reedman, D. Linn, Daisy and Lucy Leung, Julie Phipps, Laura Chevening.

cover of issue #3

Issue 4

The Silver Arrow 4 was published in 1990 (possibly June).

  • Beginnings by D. Linn ("A young boy gets lost in a forest cool and dark and befriends a man, once a legend. Now gone, but not forgotten.")
  • The Sleeper Awakes by Daisy and Lucy Leung ("A young novice, sister Mary of Halsted Priory, is given a question by Sister Marion on her deathbed.")
  • The Disinheritance by Laura Chevening ("Robert and John act as decoy's [sic] and end up in the public house THE WHITE BOAR. What secrets do the two strange knights hold and how will Robert react to the news of his disinhertance [sic].")
  • Dark Knight by Julie Phipps ("Still haunted by Gulnar and the wolves of Fenris, Guy fears insanity. Who will stop him from killing the Sheriff?")
  • Prelude by Denyse M. Bridger ("A wounded Much leads Nasir to a village located near Castle deBelleme. Who is the strange woman who heals Much? And who had been following Nasir?")
  • Candleflames by Janet P. Reedman ("Now pardoned by the King, Marion returns to Leaford Grange, uncertain of her future. Marion falls ill and is plagued by fever-dreams. Nothing is ever forgotten.")
  • other unknown content?

Issue 5

The Silver Arrow 5 was published in 1993 and contains 203 pages. It has the subtitle, "Rebirth."

From Bill Hupe's catalog: "Includes not only all new ROS material, but also the 'Best of' of the first four issues (not available before in the United States). Material by Sneyd, Todd Dodge, Bath, Wtaers, Groom, Phipps, Moffat, O'gawa, Quinn, Reedman, Chevening, Bridger and a host of others. Includes a gorgeous full-color cover of Praed."

  • Greater Enemy, filk by Naomi Senn
  • Faerie Tale by Katareya
  • Revels, filk by P.L. Heyes (also in Oaken Heart & On Target 11)
  • art by Tom Clark
  • other unknown content

Issue 6

The Silver Arrow 6