Gryffon's Star

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Title: Gryffon's Star
Publisher: Otter Limits Press
Date(s): Feburary 1980
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia with an emphasis on Elfquest
Language: English
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Gryffon's Star is a gen multifandom 75-page anthology. There may have been only one issue.

It was edited by Paulie and Joanne Papin. Collating was by Nan Burridge, Ben Thomas, Multifeets, and Furbods.

The zine has this dedication: "This premier issue of GRYFFON's STAR is fondly dedicated to Fritz Leiber, Frank Frazetta, Ralph Bakshi, - and Wendi Pini who fulfill my fantasies so well."

front cover of issue #1, Cheryl Whitfield-Duval
back cover of issue #1, Paulie

The Editorial

Greetings, Fantasy-folk, and welcome to the first issue of Gryffon's Star. I hope you find it as much of a pleasure to read as it was to put it together.

How did this all get started? Well, let me see... As a child, I was always entranced by stories of Faeries, Elves, ghosts, monsters, and dinosaurs. Then later came Tarzan and the barbarians. Stories of Sorcerers, Wizards, Ali Baba, and Mythology filled my shelves (and still do). Two and a half years ago,I discovered what a science fiction convention was. I was completely overwhelmed and delighted, and continue to be. Finally, I started collecting fanzines. Imagine! Writing by fans themselves about their favorite characters! But what was even more fantastic was original work. I couldn't believe the talent that shined in every fanzine I read. Between the writers and artists, I still floored!

However, I did notice a lack of zines dedicated solely to Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery. In comparison to the SF zines out, we are way behind. So I decided to give publishing a zine for FS&S ( Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery) fen a try.

In the pages of GS I, you will find completely original work, with the exception of "The Love Story of Frodo Baggins and Persimmon Brandybuck" by Kathy Gorman - Hobbits are always welcomed in GS.

This is the first time in publication for many of our writers, as well as some of our artists. I know that they would very much appreciate any letters of comment regarding their work. Writers and artists grow with helpful hints or constructive criticism, and we at Otter Limits are certainly open to any suggestions that you, the reader, might have regarding layout or technique. I would love to have an LOC column in GS II.

I believe I've rambled on enough. For now I'll sit and wait with, I'm sure, the same butterflies and jitters as a playwright on opening night.


  • Gryffon's Lair (1)
  • The Love Story of Frodo Baggins and Persimmon Brandybuck by Kathy Gorman, illustrated by Cheryl Whitfield-Duval (3)
  • Beloved Persimmon by Kathy Gorman, calligraphy by Joanne Papin (12)
  • Poof by Pat Beese, illustrated by Zenobia (13)
  • Rebirth, a story of Ererethe by Joanne Papin, art by Paulie (17)
  • Tootikan the Conquerer by HP Benedict, illustrated by Paulie (30)
  • Kondor's Heart by Jane Firmstone, illustrations by Todd Hamilton (31)
  • Proclamation ("A WORD ABOUT OUR INTERVIEW COLUMN. We at GRYFFON'S STAR feel that an interview with pro-writers, artists, or stars, and/or well-known fen make for interesting reading in our pages. We welcome your interviews with people who share our love for FS&S. Anyone submitting an inter view to us should have it typed as you will find in the following pages. The interviewer will always take full responsibility for their work, so make sure you respect the rights and wishes of your subject. Also, make sure the subject KNOWS that the interview is going into a FAN publication, not pro. And, above all, make sure you have their permission. Not only will you receive a copy of the zine, but so will your subject, so don't forget to get some sort of address for their copy to go to.") (44)
  • Ye Old Interview: "Elfguest" starring Wendy Pini (45)
  • Elf Maiden by Richard Curth, illustrated by Todd Hamilton (65)
  • Saga of the Moonelves (a title page for a story by HP Benedict, art by Paulie) that will be published later (68)
  • The Bazaar (69)
  • Fanfare ("This is the place to plug your zines people. And for free, too! Whether it's a zine that's coming up, available now or notification of reprint or back issues.") (74)

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

Unlike most media fandoms, fantasy fandom does have a pro market to try for when it becomes good enough. Hence most fannish fantasy stories don't pass beyond middling-good. The stories of GRFFON'S STAR barely get that far. Two of them, "The Love Story of Frodo Baggins and Persimmon Brandybuck" by Kathy Gorman, and "Elf Maiden" by Richard Curth, are no more than teen-age Love Romance tales with elven ears. The heroine of "Kondor's Heart" is fairly typical of Jane Firmstone's eight-foot Amazons, who out-Conans Conan in the barbarian-thief biz; it's adequate but not original. Joanne Papin's "Rebirth ... a Story of Enerethe" on the other hand has its memorable images, as of the Water-dwellers riding the sea wave's crests; but Papin did not present a free-standing story, leaving too many questions about the workings of her world. An author writing about magic ought to explain the rules of his magic, at least well enough to assure the reader ofits basic sensibleness.

However, the twenty-page interview with Wendy Pini, the artist and co-writer of ELFQUEST, more than balances the rest of the 'zine. Paulie Gilmore, the interviewer, goes a bit deeper than the "where do you get your weird ideas" questions one often finds in sf & f interviews. I recommend GS for this feature alone.



  1. from Bored of Review by Paula Smith, printed in Warped Space #45 (March 1981)