Straight to Naughtyville

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Title: Straight to Naughtyville
Publisher: The Presses
Editor(s): TM Alexander
Date(s): 2001-2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Invisible Man
Language: English
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Straight to Naughtyville is a slash Invisible Man fiction anthology.

This zine get its title from a line Darien utters in the episode, "Perchance to Dream," after Bobby makes a sexual innuendo: "Why is it al ways straight to Naughtyville with you?"

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, TM Alexander

Straight to Naughtyville 1 was published in October 2001 and contains 168 pages. t is digest-sized, with spiral binding. TM Alexander is the front cover artist. Interior art by TAM, KOZ, Peej and H. Ann Walton.

  • Old Haunts by T.M. Alexander (5)
  • Reason to Give Thanks by Roberta Hawkes (15)
  • Invisiblimmericks by Tam (93)
  • Beach Blanket Boink by TM Alexander (95)
  • San Diego Surprise by TM Alexander (107)
  • Adventures in Paradise by Peej (155)

Reactions and Reviews: "These are...nice. Nothing spectacular, just average stories. The formatting and layout are fine, the artwork could be better but they're overall, decent zines. Out of all the I-Man zines, these are probably the best." [1]

Issue 2

cover by P.J. Alexander

Straight to Naughtyville 2 was published in May 2002. It is digest-sized, with comb binding and contains 140 pages. Color cover by P.J. Alexander with interior art by TM Alexander, TAM, and P.J. Alexander .

  • Late-Night Bowling by SuzyH (5)
  • Once in a Lifetime by Sandy (9)
  • I'm Starsky, He's Fawkes by TM Alexander (43)
  • Lunchtime Topics by SuzyH (57)
  • Something New by Sandy (59)
  • Twenty Ways to Love Your Partner by TM Alexander (75)
  • Perusing the Pier by SuzyH (107)
  • Gifts That Keep on Giving by Sandy (117)


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