McCall's Memoirs

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Title: McCall's Memoirs
Publisher: Del Floria's Press & Samizdat Press
Date(s): around 1990, a second issue was proposed in 1994 but it was not published
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Equalizer
Language: English
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McCall's Memoirs is a gen Equalizer anthology. Art by Paulie Gilmore.

Summary from the publisher, "Special artist's appearance by Paulie, multi-time winner of the Fan Q Award and The Alexander Award. 'Crossover' by Korinna & Kelley: An actor learns his role of McCall is far too real, not at all 'a false creation, proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain.' McCall exists, as does his shadow world with Control, Mickey and Jimmy. The actor is forced into playing his TV character in an adventure that puts his life at risk as he faces one of McCall's oldest enemies. OLD TIMES by Kelley & Korinna: McCall is reminded, 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on...' when a letter from an old love arrives five years late. REVENGE OF THE ANCHOVIES by Sasha Sokolnikov: If Mickey Skywalker is lucky in his encounter with Darth Vadar, he will discover'...our little life is rounded with a sleep." DOUBLE PLAY (sequel to 'Crossover') by Korinna & Kelley: Robert McCall has been poisoned and lies in a coma while Mickey, Control and Scott seek a way to flush out the perpetrator and obtain the antidote. Mickey's solution involves the actor who portrays McCall, but they soon discover "Ill deeds are doubled..." when they bring the vengeful villianess to bay."

Table of Contents

  • Crossover by Korinna & Kelley
  • Old Times by Korinna & Kelley
  • Revenge of Anchovies by Sasha Sokolnikov
  • Double Play by Korinna & Kelley