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Zine Publisher
Name: Del Floria's Press
Contact: Sasha Sokolnikov. Mike Akers
Fandoms: Man From UNCLE, Blake's 7, Equalizer, Quantum Leap, Sapphire and Steel, Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, Wild Wild West, Doctor Who, X-Files
Status: defunct
URL: WayBack Archive link to publisher's website; WayBack Archive link to publisher's website
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Del Floria's Press was a fanzine publisher that published up through 2002.

a 1994 announcement regarding dead trees

They also co-published with "Samizdat Press," a "trashy little subdivision of Del Floria's Press." She passed away on December 1, 2020. [1]



Starsky & Hutch/Star Trek

The Equalizer

The X-Files

Gallery of Flyers


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