Turquoise Mine

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Title: Turquoise Mine
Publisher: Half-Size Press, then Del Floria's Press & Samizdat Press
Editor(s): Eileen Roy
Date(s): August 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from Uncle
Language: English
External Links: Del Floria's Press
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front cover, uncredited
back cover, uncredited

Turquoise Mine is a slash digest-sized 98-page anthology of three stories in the same universe by Eros and Emma Lea Marion; it has a sequel, City of Byzantium. It is a crossover with Indiana Jones and contains references and cameos from a number of other fandoms.


The publisher's blurb:
BY ANY OTHER NAME by Emma Lea Marion: Napoleon Solo's background and true parentage, and the misadventures of his parents and extended family...and why he really ended up being named Napoleon. THE APOLLONIAN FALLACY by Eros: A dying Alexander Waverly, reviewing his life and the changes he made in the lives of two young men, discovers that the continued existance of the world after his passing is more interwebbed than he had ever suspected. TURQUOISE MINE by Eros: If you loved "City of Byzantium," then that titallating and all-too-short one-page setup to the novel, detailing what had gone before the beginning of the story, left you hungry for more. Prepare to sink your teeth deep with this scrumptious digest-size novella.
From City of Byzantium:
WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: In Turquoise Mine (published in Mobile Ghettoes #1) a Thrush-originated rumour about the nature of Solo and Kuryakin's relationship inspires Waverly to ask the two _ agents to move in together, in order to confound Thrush's plans I (or so he says). Solo reacts to this by screaming, yelling, and l holding his breath until he turns blue. Illya, already depressed, reacts by bringing in the Thrush plant who started [ the rumour, gathering a cracked skull in the process. Disturbed both by his own over-reaction and what he sees as Waverly's manipulations, Solo examines his feelings about Illya for the first time, and discovers far too many holes in his knowledge of Illya and himself. He leaves the next day: for the home of Thrush leaders in San Francisco to check out their file on Illya; to his parents to sound out their-reactions; and to a secluded rendezvouz with a friendly stranger to explore his own adaptable sexuality. Meanwhile, in his hospital bed, Illya's Tarot cards predict success and advancement for Solo, but all he can read of his own future is madness and death. The two men are paired again to supervise U.N.C.L.E. trainees in a graduation excercise on The Hill. Napoleon is shot during a gang confrontation and Illya breaks cover, rules and several non-innocent necks to get help. While his partner heals, Illya visits Napoleon's parents to try and find out what the hell his partner has been up to irecently, is re-injured and falls sick with pneumonia. In a fever dream, he imagines that Coyote, the Change God, is swallowing him whole. Napoleon's parents bring Illya back to New York and U.N.C.L.E., where Napoleon finally asks him if Illya has ever considered a relationship between them. If it were for U.N.C.L.E., could he? In despair and the depths of depression, Illya cannot refuse. So begins City of Byzantium.


  • By Any Other Name by Emma Lea Marion (originally printed in Paladin #2 under the title "A Small Difference of Opinion") ("First there was 'By Any Other Name,' an Indiana Jones story by the Talented Emma Lea Marion. It explained so much about both Han Solo -- er, Indiana Jones -- and Napoleon that I promptly incorporated it into my personal UNCLE mythos. Thank you again, Emma Lea, for permitting me to reprint the story. Some may argue that the family background outlined here does not match that in the third movie and the tv series -- but, in all fairness, Emma Lea's story was written first." [1]) (1)
  • The Apollonian Fallacy by Eros ("'The Apollonian Fallacy,' an original vignette, contains some hits of what the fictional universe might contain if I ever continue." [2] ) (11)
  • Turquoise Mine by Eros (reprinted from Mobile Ghettos #1) ('Turquoise Mine' was inspired by a Kathy Esselman fragment and plotted during a hilarious six hour car tour of LA with Enma Lea, Melanie R, Signe Landon, Bev Clark and I. I wrote it, slowly, (The first subtitle was, 'The Fifteen Months Later Affair') and it appeared in Mobile Ghettoes, somewhat edited. Well, the zine has been out of print for a while, and I don't want to go on making xeroxes of my badly typed, fading first draft for people who want to see it. Ergo, this reprint. I have made minor changes from my draft only. For those who are interested, the story continues in 'City of Byzantium', a novella available from Denetia Arellanes." [3]) (16)
  • Index of Universes Crossed (97)

Reactions and Reviews

Eros has a delicate, subtle writing style, presenting this theme with a matter-of-fact directness that suits the characters well. [4]


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