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Synonyms: Dead Tree Fandom
See also: Zine, Print, Zinosaur
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Dead Tree or Dead Tree Fandom is a term used to refer to fandom in the era of print zines. It is important to know that because in pre-internet times, all zines were print, that this is a phrase that is a new term to describe on older form. It is mostly used in a teasing/appreciative way by older fans.

Examples of Use

from the zine Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine?, a ratings system involving trees, click to read
a 1994 tongue-in-cheek blurb from a publisher
  • "Tales from Space City was started as a paperzine archive for the Space City/Freedom City mailing list (with some bits from the Lysator B7 mailing list). Its specific purpose was to provide a dead tree home for material from the list which was too good to lose, but which for various reasons didn't suit other zines." [1]
  • "Broadsword is a small fanzine that focuses on the only new source of Doctor Who stories, the New and Missing Adventures. This site is the metaphysical extension of the original dead tree format." [2]
  • "The things I print out are well loved and show signs of having been fondled often. This probably comes from my migration from dead tree fandom. I have zines that look like they've been around for 20+ years because they HAVE been around that long." [3]


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